Are you looking to make a long-term wellness commitment? Our Lr and bounti programmes are guaranteed to take you on a health and fitness journey, where you slowly progress and come out the other end as a better version of yourself.

Our programmes cover all the bases and provide you with such a variety to choose from – whether you’re a fitness newbie looking to get into rebounding with the bounti Beginners' Programme or a gym bunny looking for a minimal-equipment, home-training solution with the Moxie programme. 

No matter who you are, where you’re starting from or what you’re looking to achieve on your wellness journey – bounti’s got you, and you’ve got this!

bounti Foundation Programme

Introducing, the bounti Foundation Programme! If even the Beginners Programme feels a bit too intimidating, and you’re overwhelmed by it, then this is the programme for you. This programme is ideal for someone who wants to start from the absolute grassroots of rebounding. It’s a 4-week programme – all done online, on our beautiful e-learning platform.

It’s recommended for you if you:

  • Are a bit older
  • Have an autoimmune disease
  • Are recovering from a pregnancy
  • Are recovering from an injury or illness
  • Are very unfit 

The workouts include a support bar or T-bar, but you can do without one if you feel strong enough. You don’t need much – only your rebounder, light dumbbells (0.5 kg - 1 kg), a small loop band, a soft ball and a great mindset.

Over the 4 weeks, you will start with a 2 minute workout that will slowly progress to 20 minutes in the 4th week.

My guidance during the sessions is really supportive and ensures that you are slowly and carefully immersed into the sensations of rebounding. Similarly to our beginners programme, it has an intro video at the beginning of each week telling you what to expect, the basics of rebounding, safety guides and tips & tricks.

You will be following me, not the crazy beats of a fast-paced song, because the focus here is on coordination, balance, orientation, form and safety. There isn’t a huge emphasis on too wide a range of movement or hectic music. I want you to slowly, and consistently, grow your confidence levels over the 4 weeks. It’s all about building a solid foundation when it comes to rebounding – with a huge focus on technique. This programme starts you right from the absolute basics of, not just rebounding, but fitness as a whole.

This programme is also amazing if you want to utilise rebounding strictly from a wellness aspect rather than a fitness or strength aspect. The basic exercises in this programme are still excellent in circulating your lymph and releasing toxins from the body.

With that being said, these workouts are perfect to do if you just want to stay active throughout a day of working at home – perhaps if you have a rebounder next to your desk and you want to take a bit of a breather from sitting in front of your laptop. The Foundation Programme is perfect to use as little ‘exercise snacks’ throughout the day.

Hopefully, this programme provides you with the right push you need to simply get on a rebounder and start somewhere. If you’re looking to start your journey with bounti from grassroots to pro, this programme is the perfect precursor to the Beginner's Programme.

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bounti Beginner's Programme

If you’re new to rebounding and looking for a step-by-step guide to get you started, my at-home bounti Beginner's Programme is an effective 8-week rebounding course, designed to take you from newbie to pro in no time!

If you don’t know how to utilise your rebounder to get the most out of it, then this is the programme for you. Allow me to teach you how to use your rebounder to exercise properly and reap the maximum benefits.

Whether you’ve had a rebounder for ages, you’ve just bought a rebounder, you’re a complete fitness newbie or you’re super fit, but completely new to rebounding – we’ve got you.

This programme includes an intro video before each week to tell you what to expect. These videos include everything you could possibly need to know, from the workout changes to what to wear. This is so that you’re as safe and educated as possible.

From there, I teach you all the basics, from how to stand on your rebounder correctly, all the way to the techniques of different moves. You’ll only need some basic equipment, such as 1 kg dumbbells, a long resistance band, a small Pilates ball and a mat.

My goal with this programme is to get you started slowly, and build your rebounding fitness in a way that is gradual and enjoyable! Starting a workout programme that is way too difficult from the get-go, isn’t enjoyable for anyone. Starting from a manageable, but still reasonably challenging level, means that you’re more likely to stick to it - and your body will thank you for it!

The 8-week programme is broken up into 56 at-home rebounding sessions, with 1 session per day for 7 days a week. Week 1 starts with 10 minutes each day. The daily amount of minutes increases by 5, week by week, until week 5. From there, the daily time will be increased by 10 minutes each week until week 8. By the end of week 8, you should be able to do a full 60 minutes of rebounding.

Please know that, just like anything new, rebounding is not going to be easy in the beginning. It’s a skill that you need to work on regularly in order to improve. With time, it will feel easier – I promise that the benefits are worth every minute! Stick with it and trust me. I’ll hold your hand the whole way through!

I can guarantee that, if you do this programme properly, you’ll see so many improvements in your body, health, energy and mental wellbeing. You will end as a completely new, happy and healthy human being!

You can also expect exclusive tutorials sent directly to your inbox with the following info:

  • The (many) benefits of rebounding
  • How to set up and maintain your rebounder
  • A guide on the basic pieces of equipment you’ll need for the duration of the programme and why we use them
  • Workout tips and tricks to get the most out of your time on your rebounder
  • Videos on weekly progressions that we will do together so that you understand all the whys and hows

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bounti Re-Set Programme

The Re-Set Programme is the ultimate, goal-oriented workout and eating plan that combines rebounding, and a delicious, nutritious diet to transform you and get you back on top. Re-set your goals, revive your health and bounce back with us!

We understand that so many of you are facing health and lifestyle challenges due to working from home, fears related to the pandemic, and recovering from this virus. Let’s get you back on track, and in the best condition you’ve ever been!

This programme is complete with varied workouts, and incredible new recipes developed by our registered dietician, Carly Seager, and Lr chef, Tamsyn Woudberg. Get ready for 12 weeks of transformation! 

This programme includes a beautiful Mediterranean eating plan, with tips in each recipe on how to make them more plant-based or vegan, depending on what your preference is. The recipes within the eating plan are scattered in a way that ensures you are eating regularly throughout the day with lots of variety in your diet. Lots of the meals are also great to cook in bulk and freeze over time. I promise that they will be easy to prepare, irrespective of your cooking skills.

On the exercise front, there’s a huge content drop at the beginning of each week, with 6 new workouts – both rebounding and non-rebounding. You can do 1 workout a day, with the 7th day being allowed for active rest, like going for a walk or doing some restorative exercise like yoga, Pilates or stretching.

On two of the days, you’ll be doing some strength training, with one day set for upper body and another for lower body. The other 3 days consist of rebounding exercise! The best part is that these workouts are brand new every week, meaning that you get 72 never-before-seen workouts to keep you on your toes.

Let’s change small bad habits, one at a time. Over a long time period, I promise they’ll add up! Remember, balance makes perfect and we’re all human. It’s okay to have a treat meal and a rest day here and there – just remember not to give up and to always get back on the wagon.

Small changes are more sustainable, reap amazing results and really make a difference if you keep them consistent. What are you waiting for? Here’s your giant reset button to turn it all around.

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bounti BEAT Programme

Are you looking for an uplifting, challenging, totally guided 12-week programme that centres on all the principles of rebounding, combined with the expression of dancing? Well, look no further!

Tertia D, trained dancer and beloved bounti instructor, will take you through a programme that builds week by week to complete the choreography of 20 songs! Just like dance classes – layer by layer! With each class, you add a little bit more detail.

Join Tertia as she adds dumbbells, silicone wrist weights, ankle weights, a body bar, a mini Pilates ball and resistance bands to make sure you break a sweat while you bust a move.

bounti BEAT is Tertia D’s presentation of a full body, dance-inspired, 50 to 60 minute class that is so cleverly disguised as FUN, you might just forget that you’re also working on your coordination and balance, whilst stretching, strengthening and toning!

The bounti BEAT Programme consists of 36 bounti BEAT workouts over 12 weeks, each from 55 minutes to an hour. These balanced workout routines are designed to build to the ultimate performance!

Tertia will also present bonus videos that include safety information, stretch routines and an introduction video at the beginning of each week. By the end of the 12 weeks, the dance moves come together with the completion of 20 choreographed songs, from start to finish. The final class is like a concert: a 1 hour and 15 minute-long marathon class with all that you have learned. 

Are you ready to step out on stage, from the comfort of your own home? Sign up for the 12-week bounti Beat Programme! …5, 6, 7, 8! 

bounti HIIT Programme

High-Intensity Interval Training is all about working as hard as possible, really pushing your body, getting those heart rates up and burning as many calories as possible within a short time span. With only 36 minutes on the clock, this rebounding programme is incredibly time-efficient and super effective.

We have 12 workouts in our first series – all of them are 36 minutes long with a 3 to 4 minute long warm-up. The warm-up is obviously much easier than the rest of the workout. It just gets the blood flowing from head to toe, includes some dynamic stretches, and loosens up the joints and muscles so that they’re ready for lots of hard work.

We then start the HIIT session, where we train hard and fast. With my guidance, you’ll know exactly what you need to do for each song and what equipment you’ll need. I’ll also tell you how many sets and reps to do. We’ll do lots of hard work for about 5 to 6 songs before the cool down.

The cool down is around 3 minutes long, to a slower song. It includes static stretches and deep breaths where we really lower our heart rates and recover.

Although they all have the same structure and framework, all the workouts throughout the programme differ in terms of their playlists, warm-ups & cool downs, combinations of moves and required equipment.

All the workouts are completely full-body, without a specific order to follow. You can do whichever, whenever!

If you are slightly newer to the co-ord side of rebounding or you prefer the simpler moves, you’d probably enjoy following Mandla. For an intermediate session, with lighter weights and slightly easier movement variations, follow Lisa G. If you are slightly more advanced, fitter and more proficient on a rebounder, you can follow me – I’ll be doing more challenging, complex moves with heavier weights.

Whether you’re a rebounding fanatic like me, a runner, a cyclist or a cross-fitter, I would recommend adding 1 to 2 HIIT workouts per week to your training regime. It’s extremely beneficial to do a shorter, more intense workout once in a while to really push your body – especially because HIIT on a rebounder is all the intensity, minus the impact, injury risk and strain.

A lot of people get stuck on one fitness modality without realising how important it is to move your body in different ways. For the best results, remember to keep switching it up. Our bodies are masters at adapting, so if they get too used to one thing, your progress may hit a plateau. Add some variety to your training regime and keep your body guessing. Come on, let’s HIIT it out!

Click HERE to read more about the benefits of HIIT training and the bounti HIIT Programme. Click HERE to shop the bounti HIIT Programme, and click HERE to shop the bounti HIIT equipment kit. Click HERE to shop the HIIT Programme bundle, which includes the programme and kit together.

bounti boga Programme

Yogi Paige (Cassidy) is an ex-ballerina, qualified bounti instructor and highly-acclaimed yoga guide, who now brings you the boga programme!

boga is a world-first programme that blends ‘bounti’ and ‘yoga’. It seamlessly combines yoga with bounti movements – on a rebounder, of course. One of the key principles that this programme focuses on is the power of the mind in movement.

Your wonderful instructor, Paige, will take you on a 12-week journey, teaching you how to connect your mind with your body and become your own biggest motivator.

With this programme, Paige aims to bring powerful insights into your own physical and psychological barriers, unlocking your potential as you rewind and reconnect, both on and off your rebounder.

boga is entirely different from your typical, familiar bounti workout. It’s more of a mind, body and soul workout, with each class being designed to help you to get out of your head, realise the power of the mind and build unbelievable strength that resonates in every aspect of your life.

The programme starts off with an introduction, which includes some basics and tips & tricks, and slowly progresses into movements that become more and more challenging. Although the workouts gradually become harder, they still maintain enough repetition to keep you comfortable.

Over the 12 weeks, the programme will include 3 sessions per week, however, you would have access for 20 weeks. The lengths of classes vary within the programme. Each session, we switch it up, with some rebounding exercise, some yoga flow, stretching, relaxation and meditation.

This programme has extra emphasis on the mental wellness aspect of movement that is so intricately intertwined with yoga – it’s all about developing the psyche through movement, and establishing a mind-body connection.

The aim of boga is to make it your time to reconnect with your body, unwind and relax completely. Yogi Paige’s goal is to help you understand your true power and guide you on your evolution to being yourself, authentically and unapologetically.

Welcome to yoga flow on a rebounder – for the first time EVER!

Click HERE to shop the boga Programme & accessory kits. Click HERE to read more about the bounti boga Programme and the benefits of yoga. 

bounti POUNCE Programme

POUNCE is ‘Pilates’ with a ‘bounce’ – your perfect mix of rebounding and Pilates. Join instructor, Kendra Blake, as she takes you on a journey that combines the two exercise modalities in a way she’s exceptionally passionate about.

The aim of this programme is to introduce you to the 10 core principles of Pilates, so that by the end, you’re able to combine the principles and repertoire of Pilates into your rebounding routine to compliment a full body, low impact and restorative workout.

Over the course of 12 weeks (although you will be able to access the programme for 20 weeks), you will focus on 1 core Pilates principle per week, with 3 sessions per week. You’ll start off using body weight, but as the weeks progress, Kendra will add complexity with accessories like dumbbells, resistance bands and – the age-old favourite of many Pilates enthusiasts – the magic circle.

Kendra starts off the programme with a week that focuses on alignment specifically, and ends the programme with an integration of all the principles into a full Pilates workout on the rebounder.

This means that every week, you’ll progress, not only from one principle to the next, but also in complexity and intensity. The aim is to create a full-body, holistic workout – but don’t worry, we’ll start slowly!

Click HERE to shop the bounti POUNCE Programme & accessory kits. Click HERE to learn even more about bounti POUNCE, Pilates & the benefits thereof.

Moxie Programme


Looking for a simple but highly effective lifestyle change? The Moxie programme is your fitness and wellness solution that does not require a rebounder or any other gym equipment.

We decided to name this programme the “Moxie Programme” because the word “moxie” means determination, nerve, courage and perseverance – we believe you have it!

This non-rebounding workout programme is land-based. It incorporates a lot of weight and strength training, HIIT, Tabata, circuit training, and more. It also focuses on targeting specific muscle groups, so some days would be more upper body focused, with others emphasising the lower body more. There are a lot of videos also included in this programme that focus on mastering technique and form.

On top of 16 brand new home workouts loaded every month, the Moxie Programme also gives you access to Lisa’s 20 years of wellness guidance, info and tips.

This means that you will get:

  • 4 new workouts every week
  • 6 months’ worth of training
  • Access for 7 months, which is immediate upon purchase
  • Exclusive exercise videos
  • Downloadable PDF instruction sheets
  • Daily inspiration
  • Regular wellness advice from Lisa herself
  • Delicious healthy recipes

That’s essentially everything you need to change your life for the better whenever you want to, from wherever you are! The Member Wellness Challenges will keep you connected, accountable and able to track your performance and progress. You can also gain support for your new and improved lifestyle, and social interaction, through the supportive WhatsApp group.

This convenient workout programme allows you to train effectively from anywhere, including home, the office or on holiday. I tried to include common household objects as part of the equipment for many of these workouts – you don’t need a full gym set-up to get in shape with Moxie!

Lisa’s incredibly versatile workouts cater to both men and women, and both beginners and fitness fanatics. Each and every move has a beginner, intermediate and advanced variation, so that you can progress comfortably, and also always feel like you’re pushing yourself.

If you are a Momentum Multiply member, we have great news for you! The LR group and Momentum have teamed up to allow you to enjoy the Moxie programme at a special discounted rate!

Sometimes less is more – the Moxie Programme brings you minimal equipment and zero excuses! So, what are you waiting for? Set your intentions and begin your wellness journey with the Moxie Programme.

bounti Stretch Programme

This programme is for anyone and everyone who is looking to incorporate more stretching into their daily physical fitness and wellness regime.

bounti Stretch is such a valuable addition / augment to our rebounding workouts, any of our other bounti programmes, or any other exercise modality. This is the programme that absolutely everyone should have access to!

Join Tertia D. as she takes you on a 6-week journey from 5 to 30 minutes of stretching. She will teach you form, breath work and how to get the most out of your stretch routines.

Tertia is a professional dancer, personal trainer, yogi and one of our most beloved bounti instructors! To this programme she brings, not only her impressive talent, serene demeanour and inspiring attitude, but - most importantly - her passion.

This programme can be used progressively - you can build yourself up from 5 to 30 minutes of stretching as a way to gradually improve your flexibility. However, each of the stretch sessions can also be treated as independent 'stand-alones' that you select depending on what part of your body you would like to focus on, or the amount of time you have available to squeeze in a session.

The programme includes a variety of sessions that stretch the upper, lower and full body. The full, 30-minute stretch sessions are perfect for your rest days, or when you’re feeling a bit sluggish and want to move your body in a gentle way.

Although it may sound daunting, once you start, I promise your body will love you for it! As you stretch repeatedly, your muscles will start to get better and better at it. Eventually, you will be able to hold your stretches longer and deeper than ever before. 

For those of you who unavoidably sit more than you should, have a lot of tension in your body, and/or suffer with sciatic pain, this programme will be especially life-changing. Some of our stretches include a desk stretch, ideal for the office, as well as a couch stretch, which is ideal for movie breaks, or while you’re waiting for Netflix to load.

Our goal with this programme is to, not only make stretching something enjoyable and calming, but also a consistent habit. It’s truly so beneficial for your body, and should be an integral part of any holistic fitness or wellness regime.

All you will need for this programme are a few accessories to make it as comfortable as possible. We tried to make the equipment for this one as minimalistic as we could, so you can do it anywhere!

For this programme, you will need:

By the end of this programme, we hope that you can relax a little easier, breathe a little deeper and stretch a little further!

Click HERE to purchase the bounti Stretch Programme & Kit. Click HERE to learn more about the bounti Stretch Programme and the benefits of stretch. 

Belly Book Programme

One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do I get rid of my stomach fat?” – the dreaded jiggle, the notorious midlife spread, the infamous muffin top!

Targeting abdominal fat is not only about changing the way your body looks, but also how your body feels. Losing your belly fat also lowers your risk of chronic disease or reduces existing symptoms. Learn to love and respect your body by keeping it nourished and strong, and get educated about what it takes to live your healthiest, most vibrant life in the long-term! 

Myself and so many of my colleagues have worked together to give you this amazing project to help you with this problem. The Belly Book is a unisex programme that provides you with a comprehensive and interactive experience that you can do with a partner, family member or friend!

Upon purchase you will receive a log-in that enables you to download the book from our gorgeous e-learning platform. The book includes so many beautiful blank templates where you can formulate your own workouts – print them out and pop them in a flip-file! Video content will also be available to you online and access will be granted for 4 months. 

You can incorporate rebounding into this programme as part of your cardio exercise, however you don’t have to. There are many non-rebounding workouts – both on the strength-training side of things and on the cardio side. It has delicious recipes too!

With this programme, I have attempted to take a deep-dive into the specific reasons why you are suffering with belly fat. Believe me when I say that I wish it was as simple as just exercising more and eating less. But there are no quick fixes, and there are SO many factors at play. We go into detail on digestion, genetics, stress, gut health, sleep and hormones. 

There are also loads of extra resources on the e-learning platform. These include exercise glossaries, videos and loads of extras that aren’t necessarily in the book, so you’re really getting a bang for your buck!

Start the Belly Book Programme now to make a steady, sustainable change towards a trimmer waistline and a healthier body.

bounti SCULPT Programme

Join the incredible Steph B for our Beginner bounti SCULPT Programme, where she’ll take you through a comprehensive layering of techniques, equipment and coordination, which incorporate rebounding with more of a Pilates feel – at a foundational level.

Please note that although this is the foundation level of SCULPT, the beginner workout is suitable for all levels of fitness, providing enough of a challenge for even advanced students. It’s recommended that those at an advanced level take on this beginner’s programme first in order to broaden their fitness knowledge, and get better results in the intermediate and advanced levels, as well as within their current workout plans.

Steph adds the elements of control, balance, mobility, core work and alignment, with strong focus on good technique, to ensure that you are confident with moving your body in the most efficient and effective ways – limiting injury and maximising your overall results.

Equipment remains light and minimal, and movements remain simple as the focus is primarily on creating and developing a better mind-body connection. Sculpt utilizes the beautiful & unique HALO weights and SCULPT Bands

Other standard equipment used in Beginner bounti SCULPT includes:

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  • The 10 Beginner SCULPT workouts include a variety of different, dynamic exercises, including standing, kneeling, lying down (supine and prone) and seated both on and off the rebounder.
  • Each class focuses on moving the body in a 3-dimensional way (forward and back, side-to-side and in twisting/rotational movement), using a variety of light pieces of equipment.
  • Controlled movements are also used a lot to effectively activate and recruit a variety of muscles, focusing on lengthening and toning.

These 10 beginner workouts will ensure greater confidence in overall movement with ongoing reminders taken from the basic Pilates principles, including:

  • Breathing
  • The pelvic floor and pelvic placement
  • Abdominal muscle recruitment
  • Scapular stabilisation
  • Rib cage placement
  • Movement from the neck in both flexion and extension exercises

An all-encompassing programme, that makes exercise fun and brings real, sustainable results, no matter your level of fitness. Join Steph for high-energy, yet restorative rebounding sessions that will definitely leave you feeling worked out!

The bounti BODY Programme

bounti BODY is a progressive 8-week programme designed to get sedentary teenagers, aged 13 to 18, up and active again!

In this programme, qualified bounti instructor, Cait, takes teens on an 8-week journey to get them familiar and comfortable with rebounding. They will start rebounding for 15 minutes a day, for 5 days per week. They slowly progress, with the workouts gradually becoming longer and more challenging, incorporating minimal equipment, which includes: 

By the end of the 8 weeks, they should be able to do a full, well-rounded 45-minute rebounding session! Cait also ends every bounti BODY session with a set of powerful affirmations that’s sure to leave your teenager feeling motivated, confident and empowered.

More about the bounti BODY Programme 

The bounti Intermediate Programme

After completing the Beginner’s Programme, so many of our clients want to step up to a challenge that caters for their increased fitness and rebounding familiarity, but still aren’t quite ready for the advanced classes yet.

This 4-week programme gives you bounti workouts from various instructors, including me, and provides an exciting challenge that will take your rebounding to new heights.

Each week includes 4 different style workouts:

  • Day 1: Lisa G’s HIIT Class
  • Day 2: Steph’s Sculpt Class
  • Day 3: Tertia D’s Swift Class
  • Day 4: A slightly more advanced class with me, Lisa R

Although we have a whole collection of intermediate and advanced classes, our bounti Intermediate Programme really bridges the gap between “beginner” an “advanced”. It includes a little bit of everything, and is great for exposing you to new class styles and concepts.

bounti LEVEL UP Programme

Welcome to the big leagues! Take your rebounding up an even higher notch with my incredible bounti LEVEL UP Rebounding Programme.

The bounti LEVEL UP Programme really adds that extra dimension to your rebounding workouts, provided that you’ve already established a substantial foundation of rebounding fitness. If you’ve plateaued in your fitness or results, this programme is the one for you!

This programme was a tough one to put together… It took me 6 months to shoot! I really gave it my all to make sure that it’s constantly challenging you, and switching it up to keep your body guessing.

Our bodies are masters at adaptation, so doing too much of the same won’t continue bringing you the results you want. 

bounti LEVEL UP:

  • Switches it up every day to keep your body guessing
  • Constantly challenges you
  • Helps you see consistent results and progress
  • Will build and boost your metabolism (due to increased lean muscle tissue)
  • Improves your overall coordination, strength and physical toning
  • Greatly enhances your cardiovascular fitness

What's included in bounti LEVEL UP? 

  • Day 1 : A balanced, 50-minute lower-body workout, focussing on the detail of the legs.
  • Day 2 : Flow workout, including basic moves done in a sequence, broken up into 3 parts first done with the right side of your body, then 3 parts done on your left, and eventually both sides of the body combined. Enjoy stamina at its best with this 45-minute workout!
  • Day 3 : A balanced, 50-minute upper-body workout, focussing on the detail of the arms.
  • Day 4 : A 60-minute, full-body workout that includes a combination of legs, flow, arms and incorporates the core.

Your purchase gives you 16 weeks of access to this dynamic, 8-week Programme.

Although LEVEL UP was a tough one, seeing the final product makes all of my hard work, not to mention my team’s elbow grease, so worth it. Seeing the changes that my body went through while shooting LEVEL UP was also incredible – I definitely got a lot fitter, leaner and stronger shooting this programme myself! I’m definitely really proud of this one. 

Push yourself, step it up and make the effort to make it count. Remember, progress begins outside of your comfort zone, so get ready to level up with bounti LEVEL UP!

bounti BOP Programme

Bust a move with bounti BOP! These fun-filled, 30-minute dance-based rebounding workouts are aimed towards getting boys and girls, between the ages of 6 to 12 years old, dancing and jiving to all the recent tunes!

Get your kids active, moving and in-tune with their bodies, without it feeling like a workout. These progressive bounti BOP classes start off teaching kids specific rebounding dance moves, and then progress to teaching them complete choreographed songs. These workouts don’t require any accessories or equipment, just a rebounder!

Rebounding with bounti BOP may enhance and improve your child’s:

  • Coordination
  • Fitness
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Proprioception
  • Musicality and dance abilities

These classes are designed in a way that is fun and funky, keeping the children engaged, motivated and active for the entire duration. Add some boogie to your bounce… rebounding has never been this much fun!

Elimin8 Programme

Your body deserves a break, don’t you think? So often, our bodies can’t function optimally, because they’re too busy processing refined foods and filtering out toxins. Our Elimin8 programme, available in both hard copy and download format, has been enjoyed repetitively by thousands of clients each year. Why? Because it works! If you’re looking to detox, power through a weight-loss plateau and replenish your system with important nutrients, then give my Elimin8 programme a try.

When it comes to cleansing and detoxing, the body actually does a really good job on its own. However, we haven’t always had things like cell phones, toxins in our food, herbicides and pesticides on our fruits and vegetables and tons of pollution in the air. There are so many toxins coming into our bodies on a regular basis. Plus, not all the food that we eat is 100% healthy – we often eat takeaways and other convenience foods with lots of preservatives, colourants, flavourings, sodium, sugar – which are mostly hidden, unless you’re really good at reading your labels.

So, our poor bodies are receiving such an influx of toxins all day every day – they’re overloaded! Most of us also don’t sleep enough and a lot of us are way more stressed than we should be. The vast majority of us are walking, talking toxins.

Even if you think you’re the healthiest person out there, you probably take in some kind of toxin on a daily basis and could benefit from a cleanse. I highly recommend returning to the Elimin8 programme once or twice a year just to give your body a re-jig.

This programme is called “Elimin8” because we eliminate 8 toxins:

  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Processed food
  • Salt
  • Dairy products
  • Any animal products (including meat)
  • Wheat

A lot of these toxins are addictive, and we don’t even know it! So often, we rely on them to perk up our energy levels to get us through the day, so when we remove them from our diet, it leaves our bodies completely bare. We then have to rely on our own bodies, adequate sleep, drinking enough water, regular exercise and plant-based food to keep us going. We have to go back to the basics of what nature provides us for energy.

However, because we take out all the nasties, you are allowed to eat as much as you want of what you actually can eat. This is because Eimin8 is about wellness, not weight loss. I want you to feel full and satisfied, so have as much as you want! The aim of this programme is to remove all man-made substances from our diet and “eat from a tree, not from a factory”.

This effective 10-day programme does come with my Elimin8 recipe book, that has all sorts of meals and snacks. Feel free to choose from there or create your own meals, as long as you follow the rules.

You will get:

  • An eating plan focused on removing the top 8 food sources that may cause irritation
  • An in-depth guide, with daily support to help you cleanse your body, prepare food and cook delicious meals that won’t make you feel deprived or hungry

If you need some support on the emotional side of things, feel free to take my readiness questionnaire. Answer the 40 questions as quickly and as honestly as you possibly can, and it will spit out a result that states whether or not you’re emotionally ready to undergo this programme.

Elimin8 is not going to be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it. Remember, nothing feels as good as feeling good feels!

Click HERE to check out Elimin8 2.0, with even MORE delicious Elimin8 recipes! 

Best You in 2022 Programme

Ambitious goals and resolutions are great to have, however, we should be mindful of the difference between ‘ambitious’ and ‘attainable’. It’s critical to understand the importance of starting small in order to build sustainable habits. Progress over perfection!

With that being said, adopting healthy habits can often be overwhelming – especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we’ve made the first move for you in becoming the ‘Best You in 2022’!

The Best You in 2022 Programme is an accessible and affordable starting point in turning this year into your healthiest one yet!

Forget bland plates of chicken and broccoli, and countless hours on the treadmill! This programme is aimed towards helping you become the best possible version of yourself in the new year in a way that is achievable, enjoyable and sustainable. Build results that last!

This programme gives you 12 weeks of varied rebounding workouts, and 2 correlated eating plans! The workouts feature our popular Back 2 Basics classes with Tertia D. and Rulene, as well as our beginner FOMO classes with Rulene and me, bounti founder, Lisa Raleigh – these short classes start at a beginner fitness level, so you don’t have to worry about taking on anything too intimidating.

These 30-minute classes are short enough to fit in your busy schedule, especially as you adapt to the new year’s routine. We’ve also included quick, 10-minute stretch sessions with Tertia D. to give those growing muscles a little extra TLC! We promise, this programme will make you feel totally guided and supported.

On the nutrition side, we’ve got you sorted – our registered dietician, Carly Seager and LR chef, Tamsyn Woudberg, have developed a wide range of delicious and healthy recipes for you to try:

You will have access to our brand-new eating plan – Spoon-Fed with Med! The Mediterranean diets within are the most universally applicable eating plans out there. There’s no shortage of colour or flavour. Who said healthy eating can’t be delicious, simple, and affordable? We’ve got you covered, with 4 weeks of customised eating plans, from Monday to Sunday. Enjoy a vast selection of snacks, food shopping guides and food exchange lists.

You will also have access to our Elimin8 Programme. There’s no better way to start off the year than cleansing your body of all the toxins. Our poor bodies are so often overloaded and continually taking in such an influx of toxins on a daily basis. The Elimin8 cleanse provides your body with a much-needed detox and re-jig by eliminating 8 of the common ‘nasties’ that make us so toxic: dairy products, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed food, salt, any animal products and wheat.

This effective 10-day cleanse comes with the Elimin8 recipe book, that has all sorts of meals and snacks, that abide by the Elimin8 rules, and will leave you looking as amazing and feeling the same!

Enjoy 100 days of access to 12 weeks of workout content (6 days a week) and healthy, mouth-watering eating plans, valued at over R6 000 – for just R999! 

No matter what 2022 has in store for us, let’s kick those unhealthy habits so that we can face all of its challenges in the best possible state! Let’s make THIS the year we create and maintain a happy, balanced and mindful lifestyle.


Did you know that you can have unlimited, all-you-can-eat access to all of our bounti programmes, for an affordable, fixed monthly fee, with our Life of bounti Subscription Service! Find out more about our Subscription Services and our Ts & Cs.

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May 09, 2022 — Lisa Raleigh