Introducing the next best modality in the bounti repertoire, “bounti Air”! bounti Air offers you a one-of-a-kind experience with a diverse range of benefits for both the body and mind.

What is “bounti Air”?

bounti Air, rooted in the modality of aerial yoga, involves exercising while suspended in the air, with the support of aerial silks. bounti Air is a yoga and fitness-based modality that focuses on a variation of strength and stretching exercises, as well as the health benefits of yoga practice, using a silk hammock.

The modality is anti-gravity, and involves a form of yoga that combines traditional yoga poses with the use of a soft fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling. The hammock acts as a prop, supporting your body weight and allowing you to explore a wide range of movements, including inversions, flips, and flowing sequences, while suspended in mid-air – challenging your body in new, exhilarating ways!

This new class style is brought to you by beloved bounti team member, Roxy Whitehouse! Roxy, with her experience and qualification in aerial yoga and being a member of the bounti family, brings you bounti Air in alignment with bounti’s philosophy and core ethos of promoting low-impact movement that heals, not harms. Although bounti Air does not incorporate the use of a rebounder, it’s a low-intensity modality that perfectly matches the bounti values of restorative exercise that supports the body. 

With bounti Air, Roxy brings you a mixture of flexibility, mobility, stretching, strength work, core work, balance, mental wellness and mindfulness all in comprehensive, beginner-friendly classes! Combining elements of traditional yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates, Callisthenics and aerial acrobatics, bounti Air is a physically demanding practice that offers you an engaging and stimulating way to stay fit.

bounti Air gives you the totally unique experience of trusting something external, outside of yourself, the aerial silks. The modality is totally unlike anything else within our bounti offering, yet this aerial yoga, flow-based modality promises to be incredibly healing, beneficial and loads of fun! 

WATCH: The bounti Team introduces "bounti Air"

What are the benefits of bounti Air?

  • The soft and supportive hammock empowers you to deepen your stretches, thus improving your flexibility and mobility
  • The hammocks provide the opportunity for spinal decompression as you hang upside down, meaning that it allows gravity to naturally decompress your spine, relieving pressure on your joints and promoting spinal health
  • Releases bodily tension
  • Improves your balance and proprioception (bodily awareness)
  • The act of balancing and stabilising yourself mid-air enhances your core strength primarily (particularly the rectus abdominis and external obliques), but also effectively strengthens other areas of the body
  • Improves breath awareness and deep breathing technique
  • Easier access to inverted postures – benefits of inversion include increased blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as improved flexibility, strength, energy levels, and self-confidence

  • Releases endorphins, reduces cortisol and relieves stress
  • Improves mental wellness and assists with trauma-related issues, as it promotes the feeling of being cocooned, and promotes self-trust and confidence
  • Perfect for those who would prefer a low-cardio modality, those who struggle with high-cardio workouts, or for those in-between, active rest days
  • Similarly to bounti’s rebounders, the aerial silks have a high maximum weight limit (up to 120kgs), making it suitable for more overweight individuals
  • Promotes a deep state of mindful relaxation, as you surrender to the support of the hammock, which reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a meditative state of mind

  • Promotes mental wellness as each session includes some meditation, mindfulness, stillness, reflection and gratitude
  • It’s super fun, allowing you to explore new movements, challenge yourself, and tap into your creativity, self-expression, and a sense of empowerment
  • Eases frozen or traumatised joints, increasing movement, energy and pain relief
  • Increases oxygenation of the cells and organs
  • Reduces blood pressure as well as stress on heart and circulatory system
  • Speeds up the healing and detoxification processes due to lymphatic drainage
  • Beneficial for the digestive system, providing relief from constipation, piles and elimination
  • Beneficial in all cases of menstrual disorders such as irregular, painful or cessation of menstruation

WATCH: Roxy explains the incredible benefits of bounti Air

What is the History of Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga has its roots in the traditional yoga practice, but its modern form was developed by American entrepreneur, aerial performer and former gymnast, Christopher Harrison, in the early 2000s. Harrison combined his expertise in yoga, dance, and acrobatics to create a unique form of yoga that incorporated the use of hammocks as a prop to support and enhance the practice.

Harrison’s main goal was to make aerial yoga accessible to everybody, regardless of their age, size or level of experience. His conviction was that anyone could benefit from this unique form of movement, which allows for deeper stretches, increased flexibility and improved strength due to the support provided by the fabric.

Through Harrison’s work, aerial yoga has gained popularity worldwide and has evolved into various styles and techniques – now including “bounti Air”!

Who is bounti Air Suitable For?

One of the most beautiful aspects of bounti Air is that it is super inclusive and accessible to a wide range of individuals. It’s a modality that can be modified to suit different levels of fitness, flexibility, and experience! Again, it lines up with the bounti ethos of movement that suits every age, stage, condition and fitness level.

  • It’s suitable for the elderly, as the swing supports the body and the movements can be done without bodily strain
  • It’s similarly suitable for children, as they enjoy the tricks, tumbles and feeling of “flying”
  • It is great for individuals who spend long time periods sitting or have back pain, due to the decompressing effects on the spine
  • Both men and women can also enjoy the benefits of increased strength, flexibility, balance and posture
  • It’s suitable for disabled individuals, who can benefit from the support of the swing in rehabilitation, flexibility and strengthening
  • Beginners, as the hammock provides support and stability, making it easier to perform poses and build strength gradually
  • Can be a fun and challenging addition to the practice of experienced yoga enthusiasts, offering a fresh perspective on traditional yoga poses, and providing an opportunity to deepen your practice and explore new movements
  • bounti Air also combines elements of strength training, flexibility, and balance, making it an excellent workout for fitness enthusiasts looking to try something new and dynamic
  • bounti Air’s playful and creative nature also appeals to those looking for an enjoyable way to move their bodies, express themselves, and have fun while exercising

It's worth noting that, while aerial yoga is generally safe for most individuals, it may not be suitable for everyone. Please consult with a qualified medical professional, and ensure to get their “all-clear”, before participating in an aerial yoga class – especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

Where can I do bounti Air?

After her initial introductory workshop on the 8th of May 2023, Roxy will offer regular bounti Air classes as part of our weekly bounti class timetable! For now, these classes will take place in-person only, at the bounti Studio – located at the corner of Posthouse and Main Road, in Bryanston. At these classes, the aerial silks and an exercise mat will be provided for you at the studio. You will need to bring your own pair of non-slip socks, or purchase a pair from us at the studio prior to the class. 

Roxy will offer bounti Air classes at a very basic beginner level, and for those at a beginner to intermediate level. At every class, she will cover the following:

  • The benefits of bounti Air
  • Safety guidelines when using the aerial hammock for exercise
  • Becoming accustomed to the hammock and getting comfortable with the feeling of being suspended
  • Working through the technique of poses that target different areas of the body through strengthening and stretching
  • A few impressive aerial tricks – nothing too complex, don’t worry and take it at your own pace!
  • A relaxation and meditation at the end to cool-down and show gratitude for the body and its incredible capabilities
  • The after-effects or side-effects of aerial yoga 

Keep an eye out for exciting rebounding and bounti Air fusion classes, kiddies bounti Air classes, additional introductory workshops, and more awesome bounti Air event variations from Roxy!

Join Roxy, and learn how to exercise IN THE AIR! Discover the power, excitement and pure joy of being suspended, and create movement without ANY stress on your body… Reach new heights of well-being with bounti Air!

April 25, 2023 — Lisa Raleigh