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A special word from our founder...

"My life-long dream of growing and advancing health and wellness, has finally come to fruition in the form of my FIRST-EVER physical, brick-and-mortar retail store; offering our premium Body Kind Athleisure, world-class bounti® rebounders and workout accessories, and Lr lifestyle wellness interventions in-store!

This physical presence is a celebration of, and
my 'love letter' to, health and wellness.

Although my online e-store is thriving now more than ever, so many of my clients over the years have asked us for a place where you can see, feel and touch all of our bounti® rebounders, athleisure and equipment, and engage and interact with myself and my team in-person.

Finally, our customers will be able to visit our store to try on athleisure, enquire about rebounding programmes, overall wellness and discuss the benefits of rebounding with our highly-qualified staff. The storewith its luxe fittings and inspiring imagery as part of its décorbrings consumers an immersive, somatosensory experience, and they can now tangibly embark on their wellness journeys.

Although I have three brands – Lr, bounti® and Body Kind – they all have the same, overarching philosophy of helping people become healthy, whole and well, as well as supporting them on their journeys towards becoming the best possible versions of themselves. The opening of our first-ever store is a physical manifestation of this conviction.

As a fitness and wellness expert, with over 20 years of experience in this industry, this is an absolutely surreal achievement for me, and a true milestone, not only in my career, but in my life.

As a female entrepreneur, this is also a monumental breakthrough for me. As women in business, as all you ladies will attest, we naturally have to work twice as hard in order to get half as far. I can only hope that this achievement inspires the little girls out there with big dreams like my own beloved daughter, Bella to be brave, tenacious and ambitious, and persevere in whatever they do.

This is also a massive accomplishment for my team, and definitely one of the biggest business “step-up” we’ve ever made… Staf, the team and I are all very nervous, because this is a domain that’s very new to us, but we’re also excited to learn, grow and rise to the challenge. Of course, we’re also driven by all of YOU, with the initiative to take this step being based upon your requests, feedback and support.

Some of you may be wondering, 'why Bryanston?'. I can assure you that our decision of choosing Bryanston was a carefully thought-out and strategic one. Bryanston is not only an extremely affluent and upmarket area, where much of our target demographic resides, but also Johannesburg’s leading retail destination, with much of its commercial bustle centring around the suburb’s main road, Winnie Mandela Drive (previously known as William Nicol Drive) – thus, making the Winnie Mandela Precinct (previously known as Nicolway Shopping Centre) a prime location for our first store. Bryanston is also extremely central and accessible to a broad range of surrounding areas in Johannesburg.

Don’t worry, our Lisa Raleigh Store opening marks the starting point of our broader retail strategy… We’re definitely planning to expand even further, and open even more retail stores across South Africa this year. So, watch this space (especially those in Pretoria and Cape Town - see you soon - wink)!

This store is a culmination of so much hard work, so huge thanks to my incredible team for all of the elbow grease, hours of overtime and brilliant execution in bringing my vision to life. Special thanks to my husband, Stafford, for not only facilitating its execution and for all of his own hard work, but also for standing by my side through all the difficult decision-making and hard calls.

Lastly, none of this would have been possible without the continuous support, strong faith and consistent loyalty from all of you! Enormous thanks to all of our amazing clients and customers for believing in me and all of our partners, for helping me make my dreams a reality.

Staf, the team and I are all incredibly anxious, proud and excited to finally embrace the transition from an online tophysical presence. We’re determined to continue our journey of impressive growth, and persist in making ground-breaking business moves within the health and wellness industry... With the ultimate purpose of making you all happy and whole!

No matter the challenges, we’re driven and motivated by our collective conviction to empower as many people as possible to grow in leading holistic and fulfilling lives of health, wellness and WHOLENESS."

- Lisa Raleigh 


Winnie Mandela Precinct (previously known as Nicolway Shopping Centre)
Shop U41B
South Africa

Store trading hours:
Monday to Saturday - 09:00AM to 18:00PM
Sundays and public holidays - 09:00AM to 15:00PM