"The world of nutrition is one that’s very complex, with so many different opinions, fad diets and quick fixes to weight loss and wellness. I believe one’s diet should be nutritious, varied and satisfactory… 

When we eat regularly, fuel our bodies with the nutrients they need, and actually enjoy the food we eat, having a healthy, balanced diet becomes sustainable. Sustainability means that, when it comes to results, you REAP and KEEP. In other words, results that stay, mean balanced, healthy and sustainable habits that also stay. 

It doesn't matter if you’re trying to gain or lose weight, implement some healthier dietary changes or improve your gut health and digestion… Diet and nutrition are absolutely CRITICAL in a well-balanced, well-rounded and holistic wellness approach.

Here are all of my wholesome, varied and balanced nutritional solutions… From Super Scoop, to eating plans and programmes, to informative webinars and pre-mixed jars - we’ve got you covered! Enjoy our healthy and delectable eats, treats and tips that ALL fulfil Lr’s philosophy of Mindful Living.

For more nutrition and diet tips, advice and facts, along with delicious, healthy recipes, read all of my nutrition-based blogs HERE."

- Lisa Raleigh

47 products

47 products