Follow Up Consultation | Carly Seager

R 910.00

Please note: You cannot book for this follow-up consultation without having first seen Carly for an initial consultation or DNA consultation. This follow-up consultation does NOT include an eating plan, and this will be charged for additionally if needed.

Follow-Up Consultations are a pivotal step in refining and optimising your dietary and wellness goals under the guidance of registered dietitian, Carly Seager. A typical follow up consultation ranges from 30-45 minutes in duration and includes the following:

  • Review of progress: The session will commence with a review of the progress made since your last consultation. Challenges encountered and successes achieved will be discussed with Carly.
  • Dietary analysis and adjustments: Building upon your dietary recall, Carly will conduct a detailed analysis of your current nutritional intake. This involves assessing adherence to the initial recommendations and eating plan, exploring any modifications necessary to align with evolving goals, and ensuring your nutritional needs are consistently met.
  • Body composition and measurements: A brief re-assessment of anthropometric measurements and body composition will be conducted to gauge changes in weight, body fat percentage, and other relevant parameters. This information allows us to track progress objectively and make adjustments as needed. If your consult is on zoom, weight and waist circumference will be noted.
  • Behavioural and lifestyle insights: Carly will also delve into behavioural aspects, discussing any limiting habits, changes in eating patterns, food preferences, and challenges faced. Lifestyle factors, including stress levels, sleep patterns, and physical activity, will also be discussed to address holistic well-being.
  • Nutritional education and counseling: Carly will provide further nutritional education tailored to your evolving needs, questions and uncertainties. This may include deeper insights into specific dietary components, addressing nutritional myths, or discussing the latest research relevant to your health objectives.
  • Goal refinement and setting: Carly will help you refine and set new dietary goals based on your current status and future aspirations. Whether it’s adjusting macronutrient ratios, refining meal planning strategies, or nutritional supplementation.
  • Follow-up plan and support: To maintain momentum, we will re-outline the follow-up plan, book the next consultation and discuss any additional support, healthcare professional referrals, blood tests or resources that may be required or beneficial. The ongoing partnership aims to provide you with the necessary tools for sustained success and long-term health and wellness. 

Please bring a list of any questions, uncertainties, recipes etc. that you would like to discuss with Carly in your follow-up consultation.