bounti Party

Did someone say, bounti PARTY?!

Rebounding offers way more FUN factor than most other exercise modalities. It is literally jumping for joy! So, it makes sense to announce...

Our Johannesburg studio is now available for party bookings! 
Bounce with your besties! Have a unique team build! Try out birthday bouncing!
A bouncing bachelorette?!

You name it... we can do it. And the Lr Kitchen can cater, too!
Your rebounding get-together will be hosted by one of the dynamic bounti instructors, who’ll professionally guide you and your team / friends / guests through all the moves. You choose the instructor, you choose the duration, you choose from our Lr Kitchen menu, and you brief us on the occasion. We’ll work with you to customise your bounti party experience, from our range of options.

Every bounti party / team-build / get-together will bring joy, endless endorphins, and a chance for many to try something new. 

Step 1:
Choose Your Qualified bounti Instructor Host

Click here to read more about each instructor.


Step 2:
Choose Your Menu Options

 We cater for all events. Themed, any dietary requirement, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, party packs, high tea, sweet treats, corporate event and more. We can tailor a menu to work with your budget and your requirements. Fresh product used to create delicious, tasty food. Click here to view our menu options.

Step 3:
Complete the form

Please complete this form to register your interests and we will get in touch with you to confirm your booking: