• "Life of bounti" - access to ALL WORLD-FIRST bounti programmes + 20 brand new FOMOS per month
• "FOMO Fundi" - 20 brand new FOMOS per month, every month (additive therefore you accumulate an additional FOMOS to your library every month)
• "Unlimited Studio Classes" - participate in any of our 20+ in-person classes, as much as you want, at our Randburg location on Jan Smuts 

    So many have requested that we help you to access our bounti workouts and classes. Well, you’ve asked, and now we're delivering for YOU! No more excuses because, for a small monthly fee for a period of 6 months, you get :

    • Access to an EXTENSIVE library of WORLD-FIRST Programmes
    • Variety of WORLD-CLASS rebounding classes
    • Comprehensive, balanced, highly-curated and professionally shot rebounding workouts
    • Classes hosted by the best rebounding instructors in the world
    • you even have a subscription allowing you to come to as many classes as you like at our studio!


      No more expensive, time-consuming, fuel-guzzling trips to the gym! No more complicated & costly gym memberships! You're now empowered to train absolutely anywhere...absolutely anytime...YOUR WAY!

      All you need to do is pay an affordable, fixed monthly fee on your chosen subscription using the PayFast option at checkout!

      Meeting all of your bounti needs has never been more cost-effective, convenient and time-efficient.

      Get fit fast, effectively and efficiently with bounti rebounding...the miracle exercise with our unrivaled sports-science infused routines! Attaining the best version of YOU...has now never been easier! We've got you!!

      4 products

      4 products