"Now you can join bounti Ballito (KZN), bounti Meyersdal (JHB) and bounti Plumstead (CT) and also establish an official bounti Rebounding Studio franchise endorsed by The Lisa Raleigh Group and the bounti Head Office - YAY...FINALLY - I know so many of you have been waiting for this! I am SO excited about this venture that will enable female entrepreneurs out there to create their own businesses, produce more jobs, and most importantly, spread the fitness, wellness and wholeness that my brands represent. The requirements are stringent but I want to ensure that everyone who physically engages with your rebounding classes, facilities and people, truly experience the benefits of this miracle modality. I also want clients to have an opportunity to touch, feel and engage with all my products and services in your facility; Whether that is a Body Kind Bra fitting, jumping on the various rebounders they can purchase right there, through to our supplement range. Your trainers will need to be certified bounti Instructors and your support staff will need to be highly competent and truthfully emanate the “bounti way” and overall company philosophies, to ensure an authentic and real in-person experience of my brands. You will not only be a franchisee, you will become a part of our family business, therefore ethics, values and integrity will be pivotal during our selection and awarding procedures. I would rather have a few franchisees delivering an incredibly authentic service versus many that do not; This is about our people and our clients FIRST, living our health ethos, and if it incurs business benefits, great, but that would be a distant second! I want to meaningfully impact millions of lives with what truly and only really matters; Health & Wholeness! By becoming a bounti Rebounding Studio franchisee, you will be joining this mission and vision…and when you do, my awesome team that make all this possible, and I, will do all we can to support you…always!” - Lisa Raleigh, founder of The Lisa Raleigh Group, bounti, Body Kind and Lr.

Minimum Terms for Entry

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The Franchisor is The Lisa Raleigh Group, a company owned by Lisa Raleigh (a public figure known for her fitness, health and wellness persona) and has three distinct brands within it; bounti - equipment, accessories, workouts, digital platforms and services related to rebounding exercise. Body Kind - a leading athleisure brand that sells footwear, leggings, shorts, tops, specialized sports bras, jackets, etc. Lr - a brand offering all kinds of lifestyle interventions, products and services such as DNA Testing, dietetics services, and supplements. These three brands all integrate to offer a client a holistic and complete transformation to a better self within your facility.

The Franchisee is a company intending to establish an official bounti rebounding studio and within it offer all the products and services from all three brands (Body Kind, Lr, and bounti). The studio will be equipped with bounti equipment and accessories and will offer world class bounti certified rebounding exercise classes. The facility will also have a merchandising area where clients can look, touch, feel, fit, try and purchase all products and services offered by The Lisa Raleigh Group. This will be an exclusive arrangement - i.e. This studio will not do or offer anything else outside of what the Lisa Raleigh Group offers and sells.

  • Thorough background checks will be done on owners of the potential business.
  • All must be South African citizens
  • You must either own the property or you must have a valid lease in place (or have commitment from a landlord for the space you will be leasing)
  • The location is preferably located in a center with good foot traffic (i.e. You will be required to share center information and area demographics)

    Minimums for Studio facility:
  • Workout floor space (where rebounders will be placed) 120 square meters 
  • Reception and shop-fitted merchandizing area minimum of 40 square meters
  • Toilet(s) and shower(s) compulsory
  • High quality audio (speakers, wireless mics, interfaces for playing playlists off mobile devices)
  • Adequate storage (including for store merchandise and consignment SKU’s)
  • All signage, branding, fittings, merchandising, etc. to be approved by Lisa Raleigh herself
  • All rebounders must exclusively be bounti rebounders including all accessories
  • Studio must have multiple bounti certified rebounding instructors (2 minimum) offering at least 2 rebounding classes per day (Mon-Sat)
  • All instructors CPR certified and fully trained on what to do in an emergency 
  • Signage in studio clearly stipulating rebounding rules (e.g. no bare feet allowed)
  • All studio classes will be booked and managed via the bounti application (you will set this up for your location)
  • All franchisee staff that engage with clients must be competent and trained on all the relevant products and services
  • Backoffice administration training will need to be done to ensure integration and smooth communication with bounti HQ
  • High Speed WIFI that will also be available for free to clients

Budget/Costs minimums:

  • Minimum of R275,000 (excluding VAT) for bounti studio equipment and accessories (10-15 clients and 1 instructor)
  • Franchise startup fee of R15,000 (excluding VAT) + monthly management fee of R5,000 (excluding VAT)
  • All necessary studio fittings and branding as per Lisa Raleigh’s approval
  • Budget for customization of studio space (walls, reception, merchandizing area, etc.)Merchandise/SKU’s purchased on wholesale (TBD - note that some stock will be consigned for display and resale)
  • Tablet device (internet connected) for running POS software/apps

All the above terms do not constitute all terms and are subject to change upon the sole discretion of The Lisa Raleigh Group. The details above are solely to establish minimum viable requirements for applications. We reserve all rights to decline any submission. Submissions are not an indication of our approval. Submission will be reviewed and feedback will be provided as soon as possible.
Kindly be advised that due to the high volume of applications we are receiving, there may be a delay in our response. However, please rest assured that we are committed to providing you with a timely update as soon as we can!

Should you have any urgent inquiries or require immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@lisaraleigh.co.za. Our team are here to support you, every bounce of the way!