bounti Academy Monthly Membership fee

R 699.00

IMPORTANT: Your Academy Membership is ONLY valid when you check out using the LayUp option

The bounti Academy is an offering that is very near and dear to my heart. There are lots of rebounding instructors out there, however, not all of them are a part of the bounti Academy. It’s such a special platform where we can communicate with our bounti community, and you can communicate back to us.

By deciding to be part of the bounti Academy, you are signing up to be a part of the bounti brand. Us at bounti embrace our Academy members with big, loving arms, and we hold your hand as you launch your own rebounding business or in add bounti classes to your existing business model. 

We support you as you become part of an affiliation of other bounti instructors around the world. Of course, we have to do everything to maintain bounti’s world-class status, so we only include members who truly deserve to be there. We need to know all of our bounti classes are of a really high-standard and tick all the right boxes. 

This exclusive membership comes with tons of perks. You will get:

  • Playlists and routines every month (you won’t have to come up with your own music and moves – constructing workouts is so time-consuming!)
  • Permission to label yourself as a certified bounti instructor and academy member – loudly and proudly!
  • Access to monthly online tutorials and modules where we help equip, upskill, and empower you with all things business-related (for example, setting up your own online business, marketing your business online, and more).
  • Permission to up-sell all the bounti equipment on the Lisa Raleigh e-store – rebounders, accessories, etc. – to your own clients and earn a commission on all the sales that you send our way. You’ll get your own affiliate link and earn an additional source of income!
  • All bounti equipment at a discounted price (which would really help if you’re aiming to open up your own rebounding studio)!
  • Advertising by bounti – we list all our bounti Academy members, their studio and contact details on our website. We’ll also market for you on our social media platforms and in our monthly newsletters, which also have an extensive database.

This Academy allows us all to share and learn from each other with much-needed support and inspiration. It aligns with bounti’s core values of helping people to get fitter, healthier and happier – and to inspire lives of wellness.

The bounti Academy is a community of bounti instructors. This means that, in order to be a part of the Academy, a precursor is the completion of my bounti Instructor's Course. Learn more about the bounti Instructor's Course HERE, and watch the video below for more information on our bounti offerings: