FOMO Fundi | Subscription

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IMPORTANT: Subscription services are ONLY available when you check out with the LayUp option

Meeting all of your bounti needs has never been more cost-effective, convenient and time-efficient. What can we say except “you’re welcome”?

With this service you will also gain access to a variety of 20 brand-new, FOMO workouts per month – SEE SNEAK PEAK VIDEO BELOW - from our various different instructors and their different styles of rebounding classes. You will receive a selection of:

  • Lisa R’s advanced class-style workouts, advanced HIIT workouts and bounti FLOW classes
  • Lisa G’s intermediate class-style workouts and intermediate HIIT workouts
  • Rulene’s beginner class-style workouts and beginner HIIT workouts
  • Tertia’s Beat & Burn classes, Swift workouts and B2B workouts
  • Yogi Paige’s boga classes
  • Steph’s advanced Sculpt classes
  • Cait’s family-style workouts
  • Megan’s bounti Kids’ workouts and Afro-Fusion

Please note that these subscription FOMO workouts are NOT downloadable. You will be able to access all of the workouts that you receive each month, as they accumulate, however you will need decent WiFi connection / internet access to stream these workouts.

Upon purchase, you will be zapped to the platform, where you will gain access to the above-mentioned FOMO classes in a bundle, that’s categorised by each month of your subscription, in your library.

Get motivated with great music, exciting workouts and excellent results. Finally – fitness meets fun! … Experience rebounding unlike anywhere else, with unlimited access!

Please Note: Our FOMO workouts are recordings of our actual in-person classes. This means that their format is NOT totally flawless, as they capture the nuances of being at an in-person class. Because of this, some workouts may include slight audio or visual imperfections, especially our older workouts. We are constantly working on improving the quality, but there will always be older FOMOs on our platform. We encourage you to enjoy and embrace the essence of the class experience. Happy bouncing!

Wondering where to start your rebounding journey? Here's everything you need to know:


  1. This is an already-discounted offering, meaning that no additional discounts (including Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply) can be applied to this service. 
  2. Subscription services are only available when you utilise the LayUp option at checkout - PLEASE remember this!
  3. Multiple subscription services cannot be purchased at once. If you wish to purchase multiple subscription services, please check out each subscription separately, using the LayUp option each time.
  4. This is a non-inventory item, meaning that no shipping fee applies. 
  5. Your payment will be received as a debit order, on the same day every month (the date of purchase). You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at or This debit order is automated to repeat monthly until you request cancellation. If you do wish to cancel your subscription, please notify us with 1 month's notice.
  6. When your LayUp payment is processed for your first month, you will be given access to the platform.
  7. Do not add any other product or service to your cart when you select this subscription.
  8. All FOMOS & Programmes are NOT downloadable - your library will be streamed to you.
  9. Your subscription fee is fixed for each month - i.e. we will not up the price during this period!
  10. Our class-style FOMO workouts are recordings of our actual in-person classes. This means that their format is NOT totally flawless, as they capture the nuances of being at an in-person class… We encourage you to enjoy and embrace the experience!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephanie Oosthuizen

This program is fantastic
The variety of different coaches keeps it fresh and exciting.
Felt motivated from day one.
Consistency = RESULTS!!!

Barbara Arnold
Fomo fundi

I love this product I need to supplement with downloads as not enough Lisa’s hit. I had bounti live and the hit library was too small. Dying for Lisa to do intermediate again !