A transformative journey of mental & physical wellness for teens. Let’s help them not only to survive, but to thrive… And REVIVE!

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Let’s celebrate all the phenomenal women in our lives, as well as the 2-year anniversary of the Lisa Raleigh Store & bounti Studio!

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Whether you’re a health guru looking to broaden your horizons, or the newbie dipping your toes into the pool of healthy possibilities, this is your personal wellness haven with plenty of resources designed to help you change, grow and shine. Because life is for thriving, not merely surviving.

Our Stuido

Africa's biggest rebounding studio

Join Lisa Raleigh, along with our other incredibly talented bounti instructors, in Bryanston (Cnr Posthouse and Main Rd, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191), for exhilarating rebounding classes.

Studio Number: 060 503 8019

a life-long dream

OUR First Retail Store

Address: Nicolway Shopping Center, Shop U41B, Bryanston, South Africa.
Shop Number: 076 566 0420
Shopping Times: Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 9am to 3pm.