Beginner's Programme 2.0 + Bungee Pro + Kit

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Please Note: The colour of your Mini Infinity Loop Bands, 1kg Dumbbells, and Long Resistance Band may vary, although their functionality will remain the same.

This bundle includes:

bounti Beginner's Programme 2.0: 
Embark on an exhilarating 8-week fitness adventure with the bounti Beginner's Programme 2.0. This exclusive programme is meticulously crafted to guide beginners through a seamless transition into rebounding fitness.

With a structured approach that begins with manageable 10-minute workouts and gradually progresses to 60-minute sessions, this programme ensures that you build strength and endurance at a pace that suits your individual needs.

Delivered with comprehensive tutorials, workout tips, and in-depth exercise demonstrations, the bounti Beginner's Programme 2.0 offers unparalleled value and guidance, ensuring that you maximise your workout potential and achieve your fitness aspirations!

For your entire progressive bounti journey unpacked, step by step, click HERE. For more about this Beginner’s Programme 2.0, and for information about rebounding for beginners in general, click HERE.

This incredible, new and improved 8-week Beginner’s Programme takes you on a progressive rebounding journey, from newbie to pro! It’s led by bounti’s founder, Lisa Raleigh, who teaches you all the basics; from how to stand on your rebounder correctly, as well as all the techniques of different moves.

Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kit: 
Revolutionise your rebounding experience with the Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kit. This essential bundle equips you with:

Valued for its versatility, this kit provides the perfect tools to enhance your workout, whether you're just starting on your rebounding journey or advancing to an intermediate level. Maximise your rebounding potential and achieve your fitness goals with all the gear to get you going!

Take your fitness experience to the next level today with this comprehensive bundle. Discover the power of innovative fitness and enjoy the journey towards unparalleled physical vitality and well-being!

Bungee Studio Pro:
Our bounti Bungee Studio Pro is just such a classic rebounder, with so many unique and valuable qualities that make it a special, worthy investment. This incredible rebounder is the perfect entry-level, practical and cost-effective introduction into the world of bungees!

Nothing beats a bungee bounce, and our Bungee Pro absorbs up to 80% impact. The soft, smooth bounce of this rebounder is so kind on your body, protecting your joints from the dangers of impact trauma. The surface area of this rebounder is incredibly wide, spoiling you with a super spacious mat!

The diameter is approximately 86cm, giving you lots of luxurious, unlimited freedom and foot space to enjoy any style of rebounding to your heart’s content! This rebounder has a weight limit of up to 100kgs, making it a fantastic fit for the whole family. It also has a super neutral, classy grey and black look, making it easy to match with any lounge, home gym or studio aesthetic.

Bungee Studio Pro Details:
Height: approx. 33cm
The diameter of the bungee rebounder: approx. 112cm
The diameter of the bungee rebounder Mat: approx. 86cm
Max weight capacity: 100kg
Weight of the rebounder: approx. 9.2kg

Bungee Studio Pro Rebounder Warranties:
Frame: 6 months
Mat: 6 months
Cords: 3 months 
Powder-coating and paintwork: 3 months.
Feet: 6 months

*Return policy: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase- we will refund the full cost if re-packed correctly in its original packaging and returned to Lisa Raleigh in a new, unused condition- within 7 days of your documented receipt of the unit.  Any and all delivery costs incurred to send and return the goods must be paid for by the consumer. This refund excludes any and all courier postage costs (for receiving and returning)- and refunds will not be given if the unit has been accidentally or deliberately damaged or amended in any way whatsoever by the consumer.

*If you choosing to collect this item - please make sure you have checked the dimensions as the rebounder does not fit in standard sized vehicles. If you arrive to fetch it and it doesn't fit, you will be liable for the courier fee to send it to your door.

Please note that your rebounder is never to be left outside or exposed to the elements (i.e. rain, water and extensive exposure to wind, sun or excessive moisture). Your warranty claim will be determined by you providing us with pictures and/or videos, so that we are able to establish the condition of your rebounder. If we establish atmospheric exposure (such as rust, water damage, etc.), we reserve the right to refuse your warranty claim. We will always do our best to help rectify your situation, and are happy to coordinate with our manufacturers in attempting to repair your equipment (at your own cost).