bounti’s partnership with Momentum Multiply means that Multiply Premier and Multiply Starter members now get: 

      1. 30% in cashbacks on all online bounti workouts and programmes.
      2. 15% in cashbacks on all bounti rebounders and accessories.
      3. bounti is also a partner linked to HealthSaver, which is a savings account that seamlessly works with your medical aid, meaning that qualifying medical scheme members can also pay from their HealthSaver account utilising their Multiply Money Visa card.
      • NOTE : When you generate the cashback voucher, as per the steps below, it will preclude you from using another discount code (e.g. if you're using the voucher number but we're offering free shipping with a discount code). We only allow one code or voucher per transaction. If this is the case, please email Cara at or WhatsApp her on +27 82 085 7714 and we will sort it out for you.

          Exclusive Multiply Cashbacks. Enter your SA ID or Passport number here for member validation and issuing of a once-off voucher you use to receive up to 30% cashbacks in your Multiply Money savings wallet within 7 days.

        The aim of this partnership is to inspire and motivate even more people out there to lead healthier, more active lives, ultimately leading to wholeness and happiness. Leading a more active lifestyle is already so beneficial, but when that activity includes rebounding, the benefits only multiply.

        Rebounding gives Momentum Multiply members more options to decide how and when they move – and they’re rewarded for it. Rebounding is a modality that’s completely portable. You can bounce from absolutely anywhere, whether you’re getting your everyday workout in at home, staying active on a business trip or vacation or simply moving your body in between meetings.

        Rebounding is not only fun and convenient, but it’s also an extremely restorative exercise, due to the fact that it’s low-impact in nature. It absorbs 70 to 80 percent of impact, meaning that you can do a full rebounding workout as often as you want with no pain, injury or strain. It also circulates the body’s lymphatic system efficiently and effectively, which promotes immunity, reduces the appearance of cellulite and aids in detoxification.

        There are so many more reasons why we call it the “miracle exercise”, and we are so excited to share these endless, incredible wellness benefits with Momentum Multiply members. For any age, gender, stage of life or level of fitness – bounti has something for you.

        For more information on bounti’s partnership with Momentum here

        874 products

        874 products