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5 of my favourite post-workout meals and snacks
Getting the proper nutrients after working out is essential. Here are 5 of my favourite meals and snacks to give your body what it needs after training. 
A fun family recipe: super coconut ice
Looking for a fun, healthy sweet recipe to make with the kids? This super coconut ice is a winner everytime.
Exercise safely through the coronavirus
Yes you can still get your workout in while we navigate our way through the coronavirus. Here's how...
The power of rebounding: why it’s my favourite exercise
Here are just a few reasons why I love rebounding and why it's my favourite form of exercise.
Why rebounding is the best immune-boosting exercise
When it comes to boosting your immune system, rebounding tops the list as one of the best exercises you can do. Here's why..
Testimonial: How rebounding helped Mia lose weight and gain energy
Working mom of 2, Mia shares how rebounding has helped her lose weight and gain energy
9 ways to practice body positivity

Practicing body positivity should be a continuous habit. Here are 9 ways to improve the love that your body should be receiving – from you!

Testimonial: Tracey's remarkable rebounding journey
New mom Tracey explains how rebounding changed her life and helped her overcome postpartum depression, and lose her excess baby weight!
7 of my best wellness products to try now
Not sure which of my wellness products to try? Here are 7 of my favourites...
Testimonial: Bethany's complete transformation on the rebounder
Student, Bethany describes how she experienced so many benefits of rebounding after starting it to reduce her exam stress and anxiety.
My top tips to burn more fat
In this post, I reveal some of the most effective ways to burn fat and boost your metabolism to achieve maximum results.
Plant-based falafel and hummus wrap
This homemade falafel and hummus wrap recipe is super-healthy and packed with flavour.
Maximise your healthy lifestyle by avoiding these mistakes...
Make the most of your healthy lifestyle and make sure you're working smart by avoiding these mistakes
How to make smart goals you can achieve
Having dreams is easy, but setting goals to achieve them is challenging. See my tips on setting smart goals you can accomplish.
Here's why my Bounce Back Course will give you the edge
I'm so excited to offer my exclusive Bounce Back Course to everyone who wants to train to become a rebounding instructor. Find out why my course is unique.
Tips to avoid burnout
Feeling tired and depleted? You could be heading for burnout. Here are my suggestions to help you deal with stress
Best ever chocolate protein mug cake
Once you've tried my chocolate protein mug cake recipe, you'll never look back. It's rich and decadent, yet super healthy!
Why Reunion Island has my heart
Reunion Island is my top island destination. Read on to find out why I keep going back with my family
Healthy habits to make 2020 your best year yet
From improving your quality of sleep to adjusting your diet, here are a few healthy habits that'll change your life!
Try this immune-boosting turmeric latte
This warm, nutritious turmeric latte recipe is one of my favourites. Give it a try!
My quick and easy Super Scoop peanut butter biscuits
Calling all peanut butter fans! These Super Scoop peanut butter biscuits are healthy, gooey and delish...