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My top 6 ways to promote better digestion
A healthy gut is so important for optimal well-being. Here are my top tips to improve your digestion
Fail-proof ways to sleep better
Sleep is just as important for your health as regular diet and exercise. I explain why in this post, plus how to help you sleep better.
Crustless spinach, mushroom and olive quiche
If you're looking for a light, healthy quiche recipe - this crustless quiche is healthy and delicious!
Easy apple cinnamon overnight oats
You can't go wrong with the winning combo of apple, cinnamon, oats, seeds and nuts in this delish overnight oats recipe!
Raw cacao chocolate mousse tart
For a slice of decadent heaven, try my all-time favourite chocolate mousse tart!
Spicy butternut and chickpea tagine
One of my all-time favourite meals, this healthy butternut and chickpea tagine is packed with flavour and nutrients.
How to set up your at-home workout space
Follow my top tips and tricks to transform your at-home workout space so that it's fun and inviting to train!
How and when to try foam rolling
Foam rolling is an excellent way to release tension in the muscles. I show you how to do it here
Fun wellness gifts and gestures for Father's Day
Still looking for Father's Day gift ideas? Here are some great suggestions to make 2020 his healthiest year yet!
My tips to overcome emotional eating
Here are a few of my tried-and-tested ways to deal with your emotions, without turning to chocolate and biscuits
Superfood seed bread
This is one simple bread recipe you'll want to try! Packed with fibre and nutrients, it's straight from my Elimin8 Cleanse Programme
Roast butternut and lentil lasagna
In the mood for a comforting meal? This healthy vegetarian lasagna recipe ticks all the boxes!
How to achieve the ultimate life balance
I share my top tips and 8 essential pie pieces to help you achieve a healthy life balance.
5 free, at-home resistance workouts to try
Looking for a new, effective at-home workout? Try one of these 5 free, full body workouts to burn fat and tone up.
My hearty vegetarian Bolognaise
A winning recipe for a healthy, nourishing meal you can make ahead and freeze.
How to take charge in a life-threatening situation
If you were ever in a life-threatening situation, would you know what to do? I chatted to WIP founder, Mark Grobbelaar for his top tips. 
My top tips and products to boost your immune system
This winter, give your immune system a real boost and keep those germs at bay with my top tips and suggestions.
The difference between my new online BOUNTI classes
Wondering how to book for one of my exclusive online BOUNTI classes? All the info you need is here!
Why Fitkicks and Fitsocks are ideal for rebounding + relaxing!
Here's why I'm obsessed with Fitkicks and Fitsocks, all day, everyday!
Skinny superfood crepes
These super light crepes are the perfect brunch or mid-afternoon treat. And the bonus? They're healthy too!
My solutions for common exercise excuses
No time to exercise? Or feel like you don't know where to start? Here, I tackle some common exercise excuses and how to win with workouts!