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Mini chocolate berry superfood muffins
These mini berry, chocolate muffins are the ideal, healthy sweet treat and fit perfectly into lunchboxes.
3 fitness apps to get you moving and motivated
Whether you like to track your workouts, or follow calming, meditative yoga classes, I've written about my three favoiurite fitness apps here
8 reasons why you should take a DNA test
Considering a DNA test? Find out how it can give you a window into your health
Cheesy green fritters
Whether you're looking for a light snack or tasty lunch, these cheesy green fritters will go down a treat.
Why rebounding is the best postnatal exercise
Rebounding helps to stabilise the core and pelvic floor which makes it a brilliant postnatal exercise. Read on to find out more.
My anti-ageing secret: DNA Skin
How DNA testing has helped me take better care of my skin and prevent signs of ageing.
My quick, nutritious green smoothie recipe

Start your day right with a dose of goodness in this green smoothie recipe

Why a DNA test is the best tool to help you understand your health
Want to unlock the key to your optimal health? Then, a DNA test is your answer. Here’s why…
Chocolate Protein Mug Cake
Avoid that mid-afternoon or late-night sugar craving with this delicious chocolate protein mud cake recipe.
The benefits of eating a plant-based diet
The plant-based trend keeps gaining momentum and I couldn't be happier! Here I explain why this type of diet is best for your health and waistline.
Breakie on the run: two of my favourite smoothies
These power smoothies are ideal for a quick, healthy breakfast
Have you heard of FaceFit?

An invigorating workout for your face that promises firm, toned skin? Yes, please!

How to understand your body composition
Rather than a traditional scale, there's a much better way to track your body composition. I explain how in this post.
A sweet alternative to sugary drinks
Sugar is a huge contribution to childhood obesity rates - we need alternatives.
My best weight loss tips at a glance
When it comes to healthy, sustainable weight loss, there are no short-cuts! However, these methods work.
How to pick a healthy breakfast cereal
If cereal is a firm staple in your home, use our list of criteria to ensure that you’re picking the best possible cereal for you and your family.
The benefits of rebounding
If you're looking for reasons to start rebounding, check out these benefits here, plus a short video on why this exercise is for everyone!
My outdoor balcony makeover with Leroy Merlin
See how I worked with French DIY store, Leroy Merlin to create a cosy, inviting outdoor balcony.
My master bathroom makeover with Leroy Merlin
See how I worked with French DIY store, Leroy Merlin to add colour and functionality to my master bathroom.
My white wall makeover with Leroy Merlin
See how I completely transformed a blank, white wall with the help of French DIY store, Leroy Merlin.
Lisa Raleigh’s top exercises for working out with baby
You don’t need a gym or a babysitter to get your pre-pregnancy body back!