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Crustless spinach, mushroom and olive quiche
If you're looking for a light, healthy quiche recipe - this crustless quiche is healthy and delicious!
Easy apple cinnamon overnight oats
You can't go wrong with the winning combo of apple, cinnamon, oats, seeds and nuts in this delish overnight oats recipe!
Raw cacao chocolate mousse tart
For a slice of decadent heaven, try my all-time favourite chocolate mousse tart!
Spicy butternut and chickpea tagine
One of my all-time favourite meals, this healthy butternut and chickpea tagine is packed with flavour and nutrients.
My tips to overcome emotional eating
Here are a few of my tried-and-tested ways to deal with your emotions, without turning to chocolate and biscuits
Superfood seed bread
This is one simple bread recipe you'll want to try! Packed with fibre and nutrients, it's straight from my Elimin8 Cleanse Programme
Roast butternut and lentil lasagna
In the mood for a comforting meal? This healthy vegetarian lasagna recipe ticks all the boxes!
My hearty vegetarian Bolognaise
A winning recipe for a healthy, nourishing meal you can make ahead and freeze.
Skinny superfood crepes
These super light crepes are the perfect brunch or mid-afternoon treat. And the bonus? They're healthy too!
Snack alert: chocolate superfood energy bites
Rather than reaching for traditional sweets or chocolates, try these chocolate superfood energy bites, they're delish!
Why I don’t count calories
If you practice this one trick, you'll never have to count calories or follow restrictive diets again!
The lowdown on intermittent fasting
Keen to try intermittent fasting? Here's everything you need to know before you start.
Delish no-churn chocolate ice-cream
Try this simple, healthier chocolate ice-cream recipe that's made with only 5 ingredients and is sugar and dairy-free!
Healthy alternatives to your favourite Easter treats
Yes, you can still indulge on choccies this Easter, but my advice? Choose wisely. Here are my fave healthy alternatives.
Decadent chocolate bark
This decadent chocolate bark contains a powerhouse of nutrients. It makes an ideal snack or treat.
5 of my favourite post-workout meals and snacks
Getting the proper nutrients after working out is essential. Here are 5 of my favourite meals and snacks to give your body what it needs after training. 
A fun family recipe: super coconut ice
Looking for a fun, healthy sweet recipe to make with the kids? This super coconut ice is a winner everytime.
Plant-based falafel and hummus wrap
This homemade falafel and hummus wrap recipe is super-healthy and packed with flavour.
Try this immune-boosting turmeric latte
This warm, nutritious turmeric latte recipe is one of my favourites. Give it a try!
My quick and easy Super Scoop peanut butter biscuits
Calling all peanut butter fans! These Super Scoop peanut butter biscuits are healthy, gooey and delish...
My decadent chocolate overnight oats recipe
Rushed in the mornings? Keep this healthy chocolate overnight oats recipe in the fridge for breakfasts on the run.