Lockdown Snack Attacks

Being at home in lockdown, or adjusting to a work from home regime, means more frequent trips to the fridge. Snacking is a part of any healthy diet, and although we might be snacking a little more, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if we go the healthy route. 

Good Reasons to Snack

Snacking curbs feelings of hunger so that you’re less likely to overeat at a main meal. It’s especially important to keep your energy levels up if you’re planning an intense workout, you have low blood pressure or if you need to improve concentration.
Eating healthy foods more regularly is better than skipping meals and constantly feeling hungry. The key with snacks is to keep them small, light and prepared.

Smart Snacking

The world of nutrition is full of misconceptions and false information. So many foods that are considered nutritional, aren’t! Bran muffins and cereal bars seem like healthy choices, but they’re actually packed with unhealthy fats and added sugar. Even “fat-free” foods that are perceived as healthier, often contain lots of added sugar and salt.

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Get Organised

If you wait until you’re hungry to decide what to snack on, you’re more likely to reach for all the wrong stuff. To avoid unhealthy snacking and overeating, prep and plan! That way, you’ll save time, especially if you’re indecisive, and you’ll have more control over your diet.

Snacks are a great way to make sure you’re meeting your daily quota of fruits and veg. I recommend washing and chopping them in advance so you can grab and go. While you’re watching Netflix, instead of being completely idle, grab a chopping board and prep your snacks.

I make sure that I have chopped salad veggies in my fridge so that I can toss together a quick salad or grab a few pieces of carrot and cucumber. I also always have a stash of caprese egg muffins in my fridge, ready to heat up and snack on. 

It’s also important to snack mindfully! Don’t eat your snacks while you’re watching TV or scrolling through your phone. Pause for a few minutes, and fully enjoy your snacks, as though they’re small meals. The first step of digestion starts in your mouth, so chew your food thoroughly for a happier gut. You’ll also feel more satisfied and be less likely to overeat.

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Stock up on the Healthy Snacks

It’s impossible to snack healthily if your fridge is full of all the wrong foods.
Buy healthier snack ingredients in bulk, and then decanter them into the right portion sizes. It’s very important to portion control your snacks so that you don’t exceed your daily calorie intake.

Stock up on or make your own dips. Hummus in particular lasts quite long, and there are so many different types! Add yoghurt to mayonnaise to create a low-calorie, low-fat dip without ruining its creamy consistency. Add some basil pesto to your yoghurt and mayo dip for extra flavour.

Leftovers can also make amazing snacks, especially if you had a healthy, nutritious dinner the night before. After the meal, package the leftovers into small, snack-sized containers and store them in the fridge or freezer.

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Don’t underestimate liquid snacks

No, I’m not talking about that afternoon pick-me-up cup of coffee! If you want a snack in liquid form, consider having a protein shake. I would recommend Biogen's Vegan Plant Based Protein. Just add one scoop to some almond milk or water, stir and voila!

When I don’t have time or don’t feel like eating, I also really love having a cup of chocolate almond milk to keep my energy levels up and my sweet tooth at bay. Just add a bit of Cacao Super Scoop to a glass of water or almond milk, or even a pot of yoghurt, for another great snack that also packs an extra nutritious punch!

Certain beverages, like a cup of rooibos tea or a glass of water, with your snack can also make you feel fuller, more hydrated and less prone to overeating.

Try healthy food swaps

If you’re really craving a certain unhealthy treat, consider tweaking it to make it a healthy staple of your diet. Modification over deprivation! One of the easiest ways to do this is to monitor your macronutrients.

Combine a small amount of calorie-rich groups, like healthy fats, with a large amount of something low in calories, like veggies. Nuts and avocado are particularly nutritious and delicious healthy fats to snack on.

If you’re going for carbs, opt for whole-grain snacks as a healthier alternative. Whole-grains are nutritious carbs, so they fill you up and give you energy.

Try to have more than one macronutrient at each snacking session – balanced snacks tend to be more satisfying!

If you’re craving an unhealthy treat that you cannot modify, enjoy it but practice portion control. If you are going to indulge in a small treat as your snack, just balance it out by perhaps skimping on the glass of wine at dinnertime. Enjoying small treats will not hinder your weight-loss or nutrition goals – moderation is key!

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Make it yummy!

“Healthy snacks” doesn’t mean your snacks can’t still be delicious. In fact, actually enjoying healthy food is the best secret to weight-loss.

For example, if you’re craving something sweet, you have to try my delicious Chocolate Superfood Energy Bites. They’re packed with energy-dense ingredients such as nuts and dates, and they’re ideal for a shot of goodness thanks to Super Scoop.

My favourite snacks are also rice cakes with a bit of salt-free, sugar-free nut butter or cottage cheese. Smashed avo on rice cakes or on a slice of whole-grain seeded loaf is another one of my staple snacks.
 Vegan biltong is also delicious! If you aren’t vegan, then the real-deal biltong is also a great low-carb, high-protein snack.

My Frozen Berry Bites are definitely one of the easiest and tastiest healthy treats. Check out my Super Scoop Recipe Book or my Body Back Recipe Book for some more delicious snacks that taste as good as healthy feels!

February 10, 2021 — Lisa Raleigh