1 X Scale Analysis & Interpretation

R 480.00

Please Note: This is a Scale Analysis service. This product does not include the actual In-Body Scale for sale. 

The IN-BODY Scale measures the following important body composition parameters within a few seconds:

  • Skeletal Muscle Mass 
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Body Fat Percentage (comprised of both skeletal muscle mass and visceral fat)
  • Segmental lean and fat analysis (this looks at the difference in muscle and fat distribution between your right and left limbs and your core) 
  • Visceral Fat Level - the body fat stored within the abdominal cavity and thus is the fat that surrounds many vital organs 
  • BMI (weight to height ratio, an important screening tool but not the entire picture of a healthy body composition)
  • Total Body Water, Protein and Minerals
  • In body score (a score that reflects the evaluation of body composition based on muscle and fat mass)
  • Body composition targets (how much muscle do you need to gain and or how much fat mass do you need to lose to reach your ideal body composition?)

Once you've completed your purchase we will get in touch ASAP to arrange for your body composition analysis to be completed and interpreted by our registered dietitian, Carly or your bounti Instructor; Lisa, Tertia, Rulene, Steph or LisaG. You can even do you own interpretation of the results (see the video further below where Carly helps you to interpret your results).

  • Once off weigh-in and interpretation for 20 mins = R480
  • A package including 6 weigh-ins over 6 months to fully track progress - discounted - R380 per weigh in which = R2280 for 6 x weigh in sessions

REMINDER : These In-Body test results combined with your DNA test results empowers you to make high effective, data driven, lifestyle changes, unique to who you are!

Carly explains why should you do it :

Carly uses Lisa's In-Body Scale results to demonstrate the effectiveness :

Knowing your body composition and what constitutes YOU are CRITICAL; simply looking at weight and height does not suffice! For example, two individuals of the same height and weight could look completely different due to having different levels of skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage. Muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue but takes up less space. Visceral fat is also such an important marker to be aware of. The higher your level of visceral fat, the higher your risks of certain lifestyle diseases; such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, you cannot guess an individual's visceral fat level by simply looking at them. 

Did you know that you may have a normal BMI but be obese in terms of body fat percentage?

All of this surprises so many and are the reasons why we are so excited to announce that we are now offering INBODY scale body composition analysis and interpretation at the LR mindful living studio in Bryanston.

The INBODY 120 scale uses a technology known as bioelectrical impedance and is validated as being 98% accurate when compared to the gold standard of body composition analysis techniques known as DEXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry).

The whole objective of using this scale is to see what you’re made of - yes, it will tell you SO much that you’ve never known about your body! The INBODY scale provides an accurate, quick, and easy solution to measure your physical constitutions. It makes use of industry-leading technology used in body composition analysis and with more than 20 outputs in under 30 seconds it provides you with a quick method to determine body composition.

Data beats opinion, especially when you begin your Preventative Healthcare Intervention journey!

Interpreting your own In-Body Scale results:

Carly and Lisa explain a little more about the In-Body Scale: