Many cancer patients are encouraged by their oncologists to adopt rebound exercise on a mini-trampoline, but they just cannot afford it. Well, now YOU can help…

We all know the incredible benefits rebounding has for lymphatic flow, lymphatic drainage and detoxification. As we’ve previously reiterated, the bounti Team are huge advocates for regular activity, such as rebounding, as incredibly beneficial for cancer prevention, recovery and remission. To prove it, we even have the official and highly-acclaimed CANSA “Smart Choice Seal of Approval” on our entire world-class portfolio of workouts, programmes, instructors courses, rebounders and equipment!

In partnership with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), bounti is incredibly excited to announce our “Donate your Spring Rebounder” Initiative!

So many of you have upgraded to bounti Bungee Rebounders and are now unsure of what to do with that Spring Rebounder. Perhaps you’ve been considering the upgrade to our bounti Bungee Rebounders. Well, now you can accelerate that decision with this amazing cause. 

For these cancer patients, having access to a rebounder could change their lives. We hope that all of you are as excited as we are to support such an incredible cause.

The critically important Ts & Cs of this initiative are as follows:

  • All rebounders donated MUST be a bounti Spring Studio Pro Rebounder. Any Bungee rebounders, or rebounders that are NOT bounti branded, will NOT be accepted.
  • You must complete the form below with ALL the necessary fields completed, and ALL your requested details provided.
  • Part of completing this form is submitting pictures of the rebounder that you wish to donate. Please include images that clearly show ALL the aspects (front, back, bottom and top) of the rebounder. We need to establish whether the bounti Spring you’re intending to donate is able to be refurbished.
  • Once you have completed the form, we will reach out and liaise with you directly to confirm whether we have (or have not) accepted your rebounder, and to arrange the delivery of your rebounder.
  • The rebounder you are hoping to donate MUST be in a reusable condition. We reserve the right to reject rebounders we deem unusable.
  • Once we have approved that your rebounder is fit to be reused, it will be delivered to the bounti Studio, where we will refurbish it at no extra cost to you.
  • Please note that, once we receive your rebounder, it’s ALSO subject to physical inspection. Thus, we also reserve the right to reject unusable rebounders upon in-person inspection. If we deem it unusable in-person, you will need to either re-collect your rebounder, or leave it with us to recycle.
  • The courier cost of delivering your donated rebounder to the bounti Studio will be at your own cost. You also have the option to deliver the rebounder to the bounti Studio yourself, once it has been approved by us.
  • Somewhere on or around your donated rebounder (box, tag, packaging, etc.), your details MUST be clearly stipulated (name, surname, e-mail address and contact number), so we can determine which rebounder was donated by each person.
  • Once we have refurbished your rebounder, we will ensure that it is delivered to CANSA from our studio.
  • Once your rebounder has been accepted, we will ensure that we keep you posted regarding the delivery and acceptance thereof by the cancer patient(s).
  • For any assistance, queries or questions, contact us at 

We’re also running a special client give-back to all of you who donate a rebounder as part of this initiative. Once you’ve successfully donated your rebounder, you’ll receive an email with an exclusive discount code that gives you R500 off ANY of our bounti Bungee Rebounders (Deluxe, Neon, Bi-Fold or Pro Rebounder).

Find out more about our partnership with CANSA HERE, and read all about it in our blog post HERE.

The reason why rebounding is so beneficial – especially for cancer patients – is because it’s low-impact, and thus an amazing way to keep your body moving – gently and safely, but consistently and effectively.

Gentle bouncing alone does wonders for one’s health, as one of rebounding’s core health benefits is its aid to lymphatic circulation. The body’s lymphatic system and cardiovascular system work together to keep your blood and lymphatic fluid levels balanced and flush out toxins. Your lymphatic system also moves your immune cells throughout the body, thus helping improve your immune response.

Rebounding also allows you to build strength through restorative movement. The modality’s healing nature is great for getting you back, fit for the fight and ready for a life of wholeness and wellness going forward.

Disclaimer: Always consult your Healthcare and Fitness Professional before starting any fitness programme, or using any equipment to determine if it is right for your needs.

Find out more about the benefits of rebounding HERE.