JumpSport is finally in South Africa, & bounti is their first client!

That’s right, everyone! We’ve saved the BEST for last this 2023; we’re the first to partner with JumpSport USA here in SA, via the newly launched JumpSport South Africa, to bring you two of their models which are considered the highest-quality rebounders in the entire world! This partnership marks a pivotal moment in our premium range and is truly a revolutionary step up for rebounding on our continent!

Our bounti x JumpSport Rebounders In Action

JumpSport Rebounders are internationally recognised as the global golden standard of rebounders, famously endorsed and adored by celebrities and athletes around the world; you’ve all seen Goldie Hawn, Kate Beckinsdale and even Eva Langoria on their JumpSport Rebounders – now they’re HERE!

They boast an impressive lifetime warranty on their rebounders’ frames, as well as an INCREDIBLE 2 to 5-year warranty on their bungee cords! This commitment to quality reflects both bounti and JumpSport's dedication to providing you with the finest rebounding experience. View the bounti x JumpSport product warranties and details here.

They also offer you a uniquely (patented) adjustable bounce, making them ideal for rebounding beginners right through to the professional fitness fanatics.

Introducing the bounti x JumpSport Collaboration

The 350F bounti-branded JumpSport model is fully portable, so you can enjoy taking your foldable bounti x JumpSport bungee absolutely anywhere! The 570 PRO model includes padded petal mats; they cover your bungee cords and – because you can bounce on them – they significantly increase your workout surface area.

While bounti will be offering you these two JumpSport Models, along with 4 of their ultra-strong Support Handles to add more stability and versatility to your workouts, bounti also fully endorses all of the other JumpSport Rebounder Models, which are available to the rest of Africa at www.jumpsport.co.za!

After passionately discouraging the use of poor-quality rebounders, due to their potentially harmful health effects, we’re THRILLED to finally have this international brand we fully endorse and recommend here in SA. The bounce of a JumpSport Rebounder – ideal for studios, individual use, and highly recommended as physical rehabilitation tools for personal trainers, biokineticists and physiotherapists – is not only highly qualitative, but ensures the maximum rebounding benefits. You just CANNOT compromise on rebounder quality!

Collaborating with JumpSport Africa is part of our authentic mission to provide all of you with the best possible rebounding experience and it further extends our rebounder range. We want to ensure you have an option that matches a tight budget, through to our premium SA-made bounti Deluxe, and now the ultra bounti x JumpSport options.

Our Partnership with JumpSport Africa Unpacked

In true bounti fashion, we’ve bundled the bounti x JumpSport Rebounders with so much additional amazing value to ensure that you’re getting one of the world’s best rebounders, along with the world’s best rebounding workouts! You can get your JumpSport Rebounder bundled with a selection of 20 downloadable FOMO Workouts from our various bounti Trainers, as well as our progressive bounti Beginner’s Programme, which takes you from newbie to pro with workouts that progress you from 10 to 60 minutes of rebounding over an 8-week period.

You can even choose to get your rebounder bundled with its relevant JumpSport Support Handle for extra stability – which is great whether you’re a beginner in need of extra support, or a pro looking to advance your workouts with additional moves to make it more interesting and level up that intensity! We’re also offering JumpSport bundles that include our bounti Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kits, which include all the gear to get you going on your rebounding journey.

For our bounti clients, we’re also empowering you to purchase these rebounders with exclusive Discovery Vitality discounts and Momentum Multiply cashback rewards. To make your purchase more affordable, you can also check out with our various, interest-free buy-now-pay-later payment options (via bite-sized instalments). You can even make that commitment via LayUp to laybuy your bounti x JumpSport (you step up, and we’ll hold the stock for you). Because quality should be accessible to all!

We’d like to wish JumpSport USA a huge congratulations for establishing their presence in Africa, and thank them for choosing bounti to be their first partner on the continent. This is truly the coalescence of the 2 top rebounding brands, with bounti being the best in Africa and JumpSport being the best internationally!

JumpSport Container Unveiling