bounti x JumpSport - Fixed Support Handle | Compatible w/ 350F Rebounder

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Please Note: This product includes the Support Handle ONLY (no rebounder included), with this Support Handle fitting the 350F bounti x JumpSport Rebounder model

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Enjoy enhanced stability and safety during your rebounding workouts with the bounti x JumpSport Non-Quick Release Support Handle. This handle provides unparalleled support and security, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a wide range of exercises and routines with confidence!

Features of this support handle include:

  • Enhanced Bouncing Stability: Experience added stability and balance during your workouts, enabling you to explore a variety of exercises and movements with greater confidence
  • Increased Safety: The fixed support handle offers additional security, ensuring a safe and secure rebounding experience for users of all fitness levels
  • Upper-Body Workouts: Utilise the handle to engage and strengthen your upper body, adding a new dimension to your rebounding workout regimen
  • Frame Stability for Versatile Exercises: Enjoy a stable frame that allows for various exercises, facilitating a comprehensive workout experience tailored to your fitness goals
  • Ultra-Sturdy Design: The handle boasts a flush-fit design that seamlessly integrates with the rebounder, ensuring a sturdy and reliable support structure for your rebounding activities
  • 6 Adjustable Height Settings: Customise your workout experience with 6 different adjustable height settings, ranging from 76cm to 102cm, providing a comfortable and tailored rebounding session
  • Padded Handle for Comfort: The padded handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for extended workout sessions without sacrificing comfort
  • Wide Legs for Unmatched Frame Stability: Benefit from the wide legs that provide exceptional frame stability, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of your rebounding workout
  • Superior Build Quality: Rest assured that this support handle is only of the absolute best-quality, with its generous 1-year warranty following the date of purchase!

Enjoy the stability, safety, and versatility provided by the bounti x JumpSport Fixed Support Handle, and take your rebounding workouts to new heights!