Did you know that you can enjoy access to an entire collection of Exercise Snacks within our Life of bounti Subscription Service? Within our subscription, you gain access to a selection of short, “Exercise Snacks”, sorted into categories based on their time duration, as follows:

  • 1-2 minutes
  • 3-5 minutes
  • 6-10 minutes

Each category will contain various Exercise Snacks from our team of bounti trainers, enabling you to choose the most appropriate option, based on your specific needs and time availability, with 30 BRAND-NEW Exercise Snacks added every month (10 new Exercise Snacks per month, per category). This library accommodates individuals with varying time constraints and differing fitness levels. Rest assured there’s something for everyone, and every circumstance!

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WATCH: A look at what you get within the Exercise Snack Library

“Exercise Snacking” is a term that was founded by bounti to combat sedentary living, through empowering you to accumulate incremental bouts of movement throughout your day. It provides you with quick, convenient, “bite-sized” rebounding sessions for those of you, who cannot commit to a full workout. We all know that sitting is the new smoking, and that sedentary living can wreak havoc on your health. From increasing your risk of developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more, the dangers of sitting are real and scary!

Moving regularly works wonders for your body’s lymphatic system, circulation, cardiovascular health, as well as when it comes to enhancing concentration, energy levels, focus and productivity levels!

Did you know that regular movement, spread throughout your day, can potentially be more beneficial than an hour-long workout in an otherwise totally sedentary day? An intense workout is beneficial when it comes to improving your overall fitness and strength, and is not to be undermined when it comes to its value for your health; but, regular movement incurred throughout the day is a total game-changer for beating the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Movement is medicine!

Having a rebounder next to your desk, couch, bed (or wherever else it’s convenient for you to bounce throughout your day), etc. is the first step; Exercise Snacks is an additional tool that takes maintaining an active lifestyle to the next level of ease, convenience and fun!

Whether you’re a workaholic behind a laptop screen all day, a busy bee who only has a few free minutes available at a time, or even a couch potato looking to incorporate some movement in between Netflix binges, bounti’s Exercise Snacks are your ultimate solution.

WATCH: A sneak peek at what you get in our Life of bounti Subscription, including our Exercise Snack Library 

Please Note: It is essential to always perform a warm-up before performing any Exercise Snack from the library. A proper warm-up helps prepare your body for physical activity and reduces the risk of injury. Similarly, cooling down and stretching after completing an exercise snack is crucial for promoting flexibility, preventing muscle soreness and aiding in recovery.