DNA Core - Consultation Included

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Please Note: To ensure results are correctly interpreted and make practical sense for YOU, the cost of this DNA test INCLUDES an initial consultation with Carly, our registered dietitian, as well as a feedback session with her. In the initial consult, Carly will find out more about your health, history and specific needs before you do the DNA test. In the feedback session, which takes place once you have received you DNA test results, Carly will translate the technical genetic data in your report, into actionable interventions unique to you. We do not offer ANY refunds on DNA tests because they are done by an external lab.

DNA Core combines DNA Health, Sport and Diet. Yes, you can purchase these 3 tests separately, but it is much cheaper to get the results in 1 comprehensive test with DNA Core (PLEASE DO NOT purchase these DNA tests in addition to DNA Core).

We all know that eating, exercising and supplementing correctly are some of the key elements required for optimal health; however, we also know that there isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution. Knowing what’s right for you is key to unlocking your health potential, and DNA Core is your first step in doing this!

DNA Core is your foundational DNA test; the first step on your health journey, and essentially the core to your wellbeing. Let DNA Core help you discover the power of personalised health and wellbeing, and finally realise your healthiest self, with all of the guesswork eliminated!

This incredibly in-depth, foundational report gives you key insights into the core components of your health including chronic disease prevention, weight management, exercise strategies, diet and lifestyle interventions and nutraceutical supplements. This latest generation test was developed for those wanting to embrace healthier choices, a better lifestyle and take more responsibility for their own health outcomes.

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As we have outlined above, DNA Core is a combination of the full reports of DNA Health, Diet and Sport. Let’s break down what each of these tests include and focus on…

  • DNA Health: An extremely comprehensive genetic test focused on preventative health care.
    • The test identifies the genetic variations associated with chronic diseases related to lifestyle and looks at pathways including cholesterol metabolism, methylation, detoxification, inflammation, insulin resistance and bone health.
    • Also identifies areas of food responsiveness and vitamin requirements, including caffeine sensitivity, iron overload, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, salt sensitivity, omega 3 requirements, as well as vitamin A, D, B vitamins, calcium and vitamin C requirements.
    • From this report, we can prescribe individualised supplementation protocols, dietary and lifestyle interventions to better manage your overall holistic health as well as help to manage and prevent the onset of disease.
  • DNA Diet: This test looks at the genetics involved in weight management, weight loss resistance, carbohydrate and fat sensitivities, protein requirements, exercise responsiveness for fat loss, circadian rhythms and weight loss and eating behaviours (snacking, sweet tooth and appetite regulation). From this test…
    • We can determine which type of eating plan will be best suited to your individual genotype for optimal weight loss outcomes (low-carb, low-fat or Mediterranean).
    • What type and how much exercise is needed for weight loss.
    • Which interventions to better manage eating behaviour and sleep.
  • DNA Sport: This genetic test focuses on optimising exercise performance through nutrition, supplement and lifestyle interventions. We look at genes involved in injury risk, recovery rate, power vs. endurance potential, salt and caffeine sensitivity, as well as optimal time of day to train based on your individual genotype.

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WATCH: Staf and Carly Unpack our DNA Offering and DNA Core

We know and understand that DNA Core is a costly investment. Why spend the cash? Let’s break it down…

  • This test actually SAVES you money, by combining 3 individual tests into one, along with both initial and feedback consultations with our registered dietician and “DNA whisperer”, Carly Seager – it includes all of this incredible value for the money you are spending!
  • Did you know that you can deduct the consultation portion of this test from your medical insurance? For assistance or more information regarding this, contact us at marketing@lisaraleigh.co.za.
  • The knowledge and insights provided by this DNA test can actually save you in medical bills later down the line. When you know more, you’re better equipped and empowered to take care of your body and health NOW to save you LATER. Prevention is always better – and cheaper – than cure!
  • We have various payment options for you to choose from at checkout to make your purchase more cost-effective, by allowing you to pay it off in bite-sized instalments. We have options that are easy, interest-free, and you can even layby DNA Core!
  • Your return on investment is INCREDIBLY worth it. Not only are you more likely to see results sooner, but you also save tons of the time and money you would have spent on costly and time-consuming trial-and-error wellness fads or guesswork.
  • If you’re still looking for a more cost-effective option, check out our DNA Belly Test, which also combines DNA Health, Diet and Sport; however, much less thoroughly with information that is not as in-depth as that of DNA Core. Do NOT purchase DNA Core in addition to DNA Belly.

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