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Welcome to our bounti studio in bryanston!

Build strength, burn calories and have fun! Bounce
your way to your dream body… Now, in-person at the BIGGEST rebounding
studio in Africa
, with the capacity to safely host up to 100 people at a

For any questions or queries, feel free to contact our team at 060 503 8019 or, and we’ll happily assist! You can also pop in and chat to us in-person! We’re open from Monday to Thursday (08:00AM to 19:00PM), Fridays (08:00AM to 16:00PM), and on Saturdays and Sundays (08:00AM to 11:00AM) – times may differ, depending on our bounti Events or Classes. We are closed on public holidays.

Your first class is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Bring along your partner, friend(s) and family!

Join bounti founder, Lisa Raleigh, along with our other incredibly talented bounti
instructors, in Bryanston (corner of Posthouse and Main Road, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191 – as you drive into the Posthouse Centre, turn right in front of Jozi Gin, and you’ll find our studio around the corner), for exhilarating rebounding classes.
Too far? Click HERE to locate a bounti Studio near YOU, each run by one of our amazing bounti Academy Members.

Although our studio is the home of rebounding fitness, it’s not the only modality we offer! That’s right, our timetable also includes bounti Fly and bounti Air classes. Both of these are also low-impact modalities – that align with the bounti philosophy of movement that heals, not harms – with bungee harnesses for bounti Fly, and aerial silk hammocks for bounti Air provided by us, in-studio! Occasionally, we even combine modalities for exciting Fusion Classes.

Keep an eye out for our exciting events, HERE.

Important class details:

Classes range from 30 to 75-minute sessions

Class styles vary from beginner, to intermediate and advanced fitness levels

Our class rates are for in-person classes, where a rebounder / bungee harness / aerial silks and all the necessary workout accessories will be supplied for you, by us, to use. Simply, bring a great attitude!

How do I book a class?
Once you’ve purchased your class credits – either for an in-person session or free, online classes – all bounti class sessions are booked via the Octiv app. Once you’ve purchased your sessions via our e-store, our team will create an Octiv account for you, where your class credits will be loaded. You will then be sent an email, where all you have to do is create your individual, private Octiv profile and password.

Your Octiv profile is where all of your class credits will live, and where you can select and book the sessions you would like to do, according to our class schedule.

If all of this is confusing, don't worry about it; Just show up 20 minutes earlier for the class you want to attend, or pop into the studio throughout the day, and we will explain it all in person!

View our weekly bounti Class timetable here:

How To Book a Class on Octiv

How do I contact the bounti Studio?
  • You can call or WhatsApp us at 060 503 8019
  • Email us at or
  • Or you can simply pop in and chat to us in-person!
    We’re open from Monday to Thursday (08:00AM to 19:00PM), Fridays (08:00AM to 16:00PM), and on Saturdays and Sundays (08:00AM to 11:00AM) – times may differ, depending on our bounti Events or Classes. We are closed on public holidays.
What do I have to bring with me for a class?

For a standard bounti Class, you will need to bring:

  • A sweat towel
  • A water bottle (we have a water cooler, if you need a re-fill)
  • A pair of suitable footwear – either bounti Soles or Socks are recommended (we do NOT allow barefoot bouncing!)
  • Ensure that you are wearing a supportive sports bra – we recommend our Body Kind Sports Bras, of course!
  • A hair tie and optional headband to keep your hair in place and out of your face
  • For bounti Fly, you’ll need a pair of Neoprene Shorts (for comfort) – we provide them at the front desk, both to borrow and to purchase
  • We recommend wearing minimal jewellery
  • For bounti Fly and bounti Air Classes, please note that we recommend wearing non-slip bounti Socks (not bounti Soles)

We offer all the necessary equipment you’ll need to participate in your bounti Class. If you would prefer to, you may bring your own set of Adjustable Ankle Weights (many of our clients do this for hygiene reasons), although a set will always be provided for you, if needed for that particular class.

If you’d like to amplify the intensity of your workouts, you may also bring your own pair of bounti Weighted Gloves (these are not a must, especially if you are still a beginner)! We do not offer Weighted Gloves at our studio for clients to borrow (for hygiene reasons), although they are available for purchase in-studio.

What happens when I arrive at the bounti Studio?

Upon arrival at our Bryanston bounti Studio, if it is your first time bouncing with us, you will need to sign an indemnity form at the front desk. Please ensure that you arrive with adequate time to complete the form before your class is set to begin.

Please note that we do not allow barefoot bouncing (for hygiene and safety-related reasons). While we do have bounti Socks for you to borrow (and return to the front desk after your class), we also offer bounti Socks, bounti Soles, bottled water and endless Body Kind Athleisure and bounti goodies for purchase. Browse and shop ‘til you drop!

At our front desk, you may also check in via the Octiv App to redeem your Discovery Vitality fitness rewards (if you are a Vitality member, of course!). Although you can purchase our class packages online, via our e-store, you can also chat to our front desk staff and purchase them in-person.

We also offer delicious, healthy smoothies! You may place your smoothie order at the front desk prior to your class, so that your refreshing treat is ready and waiting for you after your workout. Have a look at our delectable menu, and choose the smoothie that suits your taste!

What amenities are available at the bounti Studio?

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of our studio’s awesome amenities, including:

  • Changing rooms and gorgeous shower facilities (body wash, shampoo, a hair dryer, a hair straightener and a fresh, clean towel are provided for you)
  • Lockers to store your valuables while you bounce
  • Free Wi-Fi and a chilling-out room with comfy chairs
  • More than enough safe, FREE parking
  • A water cooler, if you need a re-fill
  • All rebounders / bungee harnesses / aerial silks and necessary workout accessories supplied for you
How do our in-studio class packages work?
  1. All first-timers qualify for a FREE class, so if it's your first time bouncing with us, enjoy a free trial class - on us! Simply, contact us at 060 503 8019 or at

  2. One of our class package options allows you to book a chosen amount of sessions per week, for a monthly fee. You will need to re-purchase this option each month (NO monthly debit order), as these class credits expire monthly. For this option, the following rates apply:

    ·  1 class per week = R160 per class; R640 at the end of the month
    ·  2 classes per week = R150 per class; R1 200 at the end of the month
    ·  3 classes per week = R140 per class; R1 680 at the end of the month
    ·  4 classes per week = R130 per class; R2 080 at the end of the month
    ·  5 classes per week = R120 per class; R2 400 at the end of the month

    To purchase one of these packages, click HERE.  

  3. Want unlimited studio bounti classes? Click HERE to check out our Unlimited Studio Classes Subscription, which allows you to attend as many in-person classes as you'd like, all for an affordable, fixed monthly fee of R1 999. This payment WILL be in the form of a monthly debit order. Please note that this subscription only applies to one individual – it cannot be shared with friends or family members.

  4. You also have the option of purchasing a bundle of either 5, 10, 20 or 30 classes. These class credits only expire after 12 months from your date of purchase. This means that, after your once-off payment, you have 12 months to attend these classes, and use up these credits before they are no longer valid. For this option, the following rates apply:

    ·  1 class single time drop in = R210
    ·  5 classes = R975 (R195 per class)
    ·  10 classes = R1 800 (R180 per class)
    ·  20 classes = R3 400 (R170 per class)
    ·  30 classes = R4 800 (R160 per class)

    To purchase one of these packages, click HERE.

  5. Can’t bounce with us in person? Click HERE to join our classes completely for FREE, online via Zoom. Note that not all in-person classes at the studio are live streamed.

  6. Calling all students and scholars! Have you heard about our new student class discounts? Click HERE to find out more about our reduced package rates, and click HERE to learn about all our offerings for students and scholars!
    Please note that our Student and Scholar Class Rates are ONLY applicable to individuals between the ages of 13 and 25. Upon arrival at the bounti Studio, students MUST present either a student card or proof of identification to verify their age.

Get motivated with great music, exciting workouts and excellent results. Finally – fitness meets fun! We can’t wait to bounce with you!

Our class cancellation & attendance policy

If you are unable to attend your class, and wish to cancel for whatever reason, the following applies:

  • If your class takes place before 09:00AM the following morning, you must cancel by 18:00PM on the evening before.
  • If your class is between 09:00AM and 12:00PM (mid-day), you must cancel by 20:00PM on the evening before.
  • If your class is between 12:00PM (mid-day) and 16:00PM, you must cancel by 06:00AM on the day.
  • If your class is between 16:00PM and 18:00PM, you must cancel by 08:00AM on day.

If you do not cancel within the above-mentioned times, you will still be billed for the class by deducting a class credit.

Classes or credits are NOT refundable. You may NOT swap current class credits for a different package.

If you are late for a class, you will still be permitted to attend. However, please ensure that you are mindful of other clients, and do not disturb those who are already bouncing. We have all amenities and equipment available at the back of the studio for minimal disruption.

Even if you are late, please ensure that you have signed an indemnity form prior to participation. If you have missed the warm-up at the beginning of the class, please bounce carefully to prevent injury.

For whatever reason, if you do not show up for your class (without prior cancellation), you will still be charged. We do not allow re-scheduling or refunds.

These rules also apply for bounti Fly, bounti Air and bounti Kids’ Classes.

Our property disclaimer

Guests, members, or visitors using these facilities (including the physical training areas, building structure, parking area inside the property and external to it, and all other buildings/areas/accesses/equipment), use them at his/her own risk.

bounti Inc, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents, officers, representatives, sponsors, subsidiaries, subcontractors, affiliated third parties or staff members of the affiliated third parties will not be held responsible or liable for any claim or damage arising or suffered either directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever to any person who accesses the premises and or uses the facilities on the premises, whether it be for personal injury or death or any harm caused to them or for damage, loss or destruction
of property arising from negligence or any other cause whatsoever. The
aforegoing will not limit or exempt any loss attributable to gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing. The terms of this clause are severable. Should any
legislation restrict or prohibit the effect of this clause, such restrictions or prohibitions will not invalidate the balance of this clause. Right of admission reserved.


Did you know you can book your very own, private event with us here at bounti? Choose your instructor, rebounding style and vibe! You want it? You got it! AND we'll make it an unforgettable experience!

Check out our glowing bounti Studio reviews! To leave one of your own, click HERE.

Stepping into the bounti Studio in Bryanston, Johannesburg, I immediately recognized why it is hailed as the largest rebounding studio on the African continent. Owned by the charismatic Lisa Raleigh, the studio is a harmonious blend of exquisite aesthetics, superb facilities, and a staff that radiates warmth and positivity.
— Carolyn Botha
The home of Bounti, the staff is amazing with incredible welcoming energy. Free safe convenient parking with guards watching over your vehicle. Bounti classes are amazing and have helped me heal my lower back injury because it's less intense on the joints.
— Gomotsegang Modillane
Absolutely love the studio and the online classes. I've been doing rebounding for about 2 years and had to stop a few times due to illness/hospital visits but each time came back and had to build up my strength again. The online classes and variety make it so easy. I love the morning classes especially the 05:45 with Lindi on a Tuesday. Just enough time to get my workout in and then ready for work. So convenient! Bounti team you are amazing!
— Brenda Myburgh
Brilliant service and amazing offerings. The classes are incredible and the equipment is clean and well looked after. It's an absolute vibe. Highly recommended.
— Natalie Lazaris

Meet our bounti instructors!

Lisa Raleigh

Introducing bounti founder, Lisa Raleigh! She’s an exercise specialist, and been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 20 years. Since becoming a mom, Lisa discovered the true power of rebounding. It’s changed her life in so many ways, making her fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

As the founder of South Africa’s leading premium rebounding brand, Lisa hosts many different types of bounti classes; from her cardio-dominant Flow classes, to heart-pumping HIIT, and even bungee fitness “bounti Fly” classes! She also enjoys instructing standard advanced rebounding classes, where she combines strength, Tabata, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), core, balance and flexibility work – all in a way that brings some of her character to the rebounder. With her background in personal training, she describes her classes as personal training on a rebounder!

Driven by results, Lisa incorporates creative choreography,
exciting playlists and equipment (sometimes including a T-Bar to really ramp
things up) that deliver the purest version of a bounti class. Her classes are
uplifting, challenging and full of great energy!


Steph has always had a passion for ballet, movement and Pilates. As a very active person, she fell in love with rebounding’s unique intensity! Her Sculpt classes have more of a Pilates feel to them, with a sprinkle of some Barre principles and movements in each session. She still incorporates cardio and strength, with elements of control, balance, mobility, core work and alignment – Steph really values focusing on good technique!

Steph incorporates movements both on and off the rebounder to create a more dynamic session. Controlled exercises are also used a lot to effectively activate and recruit a variety of muscles, focussing on lengthening and toning. Her high-energy classes ensure building a level of muscle endurance and stability, working to strengthen and challenge your entire body!


Jono is a certified personal trainer, and has run his own private personal training business, Shore Shape, since 2019. He has also performed professionally as an actor and dancer, as well as having trained in strength, resistance, conditioning, and flexibility disciplines. Rebounding with bounti has become an incredible tool in his exercise arsenal – combining his passion for training with his love for performance, to create fitness that is also fun! His classes bring together strength, resistance, cardio and elements of rhythmical movement into packages that allow everyone to not only have fun whilst challenging themselves, but also to grow and learn through the classes.

Due to his specialisation in exercise and postural form correction, Jono’s classes aim to enlighten and empower you to improve and perfect your technique, as well as learn more about your body, and have a heck of a lot of fun whilst doing it! No matter who you are, or where you're at with your fitness, everybody is embraced here!


Brad blends his rebounding experience with his expertise as a qualified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. His classes really up the intensity and encourage you to push yourself! Don’t worry, his motivating energy inspires you to bring your A-game and push beyond your limits.

Brad’s classes are typically short and sweet. They’re all about working as hard as possible, with a HIIT-based, circuit-training style. His workouts often incorporate interval training, with periods of intense work, followed by short moments of rest. Although they’re short, don’t be fooled! Brad’s classes are still super effective; great for torching calories, improving your cardiovascular health, increasing muscle mass and boosting your mood. Here, time efficiency meets maximum effectiveness. Get fit fast!


Lindi is a delightful ball of energy! With her background in teaching, dance and cheerleading, Lindi has a true passion for fitness and adores spreading her love for movement. She actually has a background in instructing rebounding classes, specifically using a T-Bar. She offers so many different types of classes; including classes instructed completely in Afrikaans, dynamic T-Bar sessions, classes for all different types of fitness levels, and even our bungee fitness “bounti Fly” classes!

She’s highly-skilled, incredibly talented and super patient. Not to mention, she’s a total powerhouse! Her legs and feet move fast on the rebounder, so make sure you give your best and keep up. Lindi is also the amazing manager of our Bryanston bounti Studio, making sure all-things flow smoothly – if you need any assistance, she’ll be more than happy to help out!


Rebecca’s passion for Barre and movement meets her love for rebounding in her bounti Burn Classes! As an ex-professional ballerina and qualified Barre instructor, Becca brings such a unique approach to her classes. They incorporate Barre into rebounding to increase your fitness levels, enhance your strength and tone up – all in one dynamic, high-energy session!

Her classes focus on technique, balance, strength work and coordination, giving you a well-rounded rebounding workout that’s just as fun as it is challenging. The "burn" comes in where Rebecca takes one or two songs to focus on working a singular muscle group at a time (i.e. arms, abs or legs) to really make those muscles burn properly, before moving on. Bring your A-game, and get ready for a fun session of sweat and smiles, where you’ll really “burn” it out!


Mac is a professional dancer and dance instructor, who instructs over 100 dance classes per month! Although he’s very young, he’s actually been experiencing pain in his body – especially in his lower back, due to the high-impact nature of dancing. Through bounti, he finds inspiration in rebounding as a pain-free, low-impact modality that empowers him to do what he loves in a way that doesn’t hurt or harm his body!

Mac’s bounti Classes blend two incredibly fun forms of movement; dance and rebounding. Don’t worry, he throws in a bit of strength and resistance training too! His classes are fast-paced and energetic, with an absolutely electric vibe. Bust a move as you bounce, with these classes that include elements that perfectly complement one another. They’re so cleverly disguised as pure fun, you might forget that you’re also working on coordination and balance, whilst stretching, strengthening and toning!


Introducing bounti instructor, Anika! She’s a mom, fitness enthusiast and rebounding fanatic, offering regular intermediate-level bounti Classes. She often describes our bounti Studio as her “happy place”! Anika’s classes are incredibly energetic and dynamic, blending all the classic elements of a bounti rebounding workout; including cardio, strength, core, balance and flexibility. A stand-out feature of her classes is always her amazing playlist and top-notch music selection!

Geared towards those who have mastered the basics and are ready to take their fitness journey to the next level, Anika’s workouts promise to be intense yet invigorating. Embrace the thrill of pushing your limits and achieving new heights as you sweat it out! With her expert guidance, contagious energy and motivational coaching, you'll harness the power of each bounce to maximise your results! Unlock your full potential and redefine your fitness boundaries.


Rulene’s rebounding journey started with postnatal weight loss; she discovered the fitness modality after having her second baby. After seeing so many incredible changes in her body and health, she fell in love with the modality and just had to pursue instructing it! She likes to keep her bounti classes light, dynamic and comprehensive.

Her classes are perfect for those at a beginner to intermediate level, or for those who are simply looking for a lighter workout. If you’re still relatively new to rebounding, and want to improve on mastering the basics and fundamentals, it’s definitely a great place to start!

She covers all the basics, including cardio, toning, strength and stretching, adding some equipment here and there. Enjoy some high-energy tunes and some well-deserved, guilt-free “me time”. Rulene’s classes are medicine for the body and soul.


Meg is incredibly passionate about both kids and rebounding! She’s professionally trained as a bounti Kids’ instructor, incredibly interested in early child development, and loves using rebounding as a way to help the little ones stay healthy, happy and active. Her passion for rebounding started when Lisa gifted her a rebounder – she fell in love with it by using it to exercise at home, and create fun dance routines. Her passion only grew when she witnessed how amazing and beneficial the modality can be for children!

Although her main passion is kids, Meg also loves some fun “me time” and adores a bit of Zumba, which is where her Afro Fusion classes come in! These classes keep rebounding sexy with a hint of subtle. Afro Fusion will challenge your alter ego and requires a lot of hip action, so don’t be shy! During these classes, there’s a bit of dancing, some strength, abs for balance and a lot of laughing. Above all, Afro Fusion is tons of fun! This funky, versatile class is so much fun that you’ll forget you’re actually having a workout.

Lisa G

Lisa G discovered rebounding through her close, years-long friendship with Lisa Raleigh. She fell in love with the modality during Lockdown, and has been incredibly passionate about it ever since. Although she’s actually the head instructor at our bounti Ballito Studio, she occasionally pops in to our Bryanston bounti Studio to give a class or two whenever she’s in town.

Lisa’s G’s intermediate-level classes consist of a variety of different strength training and toning exercises, focussing on the conscious and mindful movement of the body. She tends to focus a lot on breathing and targeting each muscle group. Her sessions are where strength, endurance and hard work meet mindfulness and spirituality!


Tertia loves movement and always has. She studied dance, and it’s been her entire career since then! While studying, she would exercise with a personal trainer, because – even though her primary passion is dance – she’s always been extremely passionate about fitness as well. With rebounding, Tertia is able to keep fit and supple, while staying injury-free. As a dancer, she’s always valued taking care of her body and, with rebounding, she can train as often and as hard as she wants without the wear and tear!

Tertia’s bounti Classes are where rebounding, fitness and dance collide in a fun, high-energy and rhythmical way. Her workouts are all about the music, with reps and sets done to the tempo and beat. These classes focus on musicality and coordination, while still providing a well-rounded workout that includes all the classic elements of rebounding, like balance, strength and toning. Whether you’re a musical theatre babe or a hardcore hip-hopper, Tertia’s got the right playlist for you!


Silvia Miles’ style of rebounding is known as “bounti GLO”, which stands for “Gorgeous Ladies Owning (it)”. Although suitable for any age, stage and fitness level, bounti GLO is targeted towards older ladies, between the ages of 50 and 60. Silvia herself is in her 6th decade of life, and has been rebounding for a few years now – it has totally changed her life! She particularly loves the fact that rebounding is especially beneficial to women in her age group because it is low-impact, and really kind and forgiving on the body.

Her bounti GLO style offers a unique approach to rebounding, incorporating movements that are slower, smoother and more controlled. The routines within GLO are also designed to be more repetitive, which assists in improving memory, and allows for easier learning and enjoyment. bounti GLO is the ultimate recipe for embracing life's golden years with vitality and enthusiasm!


Cait is a trained actress, singer and dancer, with much experience working in musical theatre and the entertainment industry. To stay fit, she’s an avid marathon runner, but incorporates rebounding as her cross-training. When she discovered rebounding, it was love at first bounce! Bouncing helped her to strengthen her feet – which, prior to rebounding, were prone to pain and injury.

Cait offers the most amazing, dynamic beginner-friendly classes. Here, she blends the elements of cardio, strength and dance – which, with her background in performance art, she absolutely adores! She also regularly instructs intermediate classes, and she’s trained in HIIT too! She brings a youthful, trendy and hip air to her bounti classes, and would describe them as fun, energetic and quirky.
She occasionally offers family-friendly, bounti Kids’ classes for the little ones. For her, bounti manages to blend rebounding with her other passions – kids and performing!