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Please Note: This Eating Plan CANNOT be purchased without having first consulted Carly. You can purchase this Eating Plan either alongside an initial consult with Carly, with any DNA testing bundle, or after having seen Carly for a consult or DNA. 

To add to our incredible personalised healthcare offering, we now offer a Personalised Eating Plan – designed according to your own body, your nutritional needs, your personal wellness goals and your unique lifestyle. Enjoy delicious, healthy recipes, curated by our registered dietician, Carly Seager! Healthy eating has never been this easy or sustainable. 

On the journey to health, nutrition is a CRITICAL, often misunderstood step. Like we always say, you can’t out-train the fork! With this Personalised Eating Plan, you can eliminate all the years of guesswork, and trial-and-error of what does, and doesn’t, work with your body.

Discover a diet that finally gets you the results you’ve always wanted, and makes it easy for them to last. Say “goodbye” to bland chicken and rice meals… A healthy diet is tasty, diverse, satisfying and – most importantly – simple. With Carly’s expertise, each meal is guaranteed to be nutritional and well-balanced. 

The fact that this Meal Plan is totally personalised means that it’ll provide your body with the most optimal nourishment, based off of your unique physiology. Data beats opinion, every time! Get ready for wellness that aligns with your body as you progress towards your health goals.

Customer Reviews

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Clare de Haas
Kindess Personified

Carly is a beautiful person inside and out.
First and foremost, she's an excellent listener and communicator. She's smart, gentle, understanding, patient and kind. I loved my DNA feedback consult with her and gave myself a few weeks to implement her advice, which worked, but I wanted to take is a step further and requested a formal eating plan. No copying and pasting here...this is very personalised and written with care, consideration and love and sent with back-up recipes and info. I feel properly equipped to make some lifestyle changes and make better decisions for my health long-term. Thank-you Carly!

Carly Seager - DNA Core analysis + Personalised Eating Plan

Carly's DNA analysis and personalised eating plan have helped me tremendously in knowing what I need to do for myself to be healthy, fit and well. I am immensely grateful to her and would have no hesitation in recommending her further.