Our “WellCations” are a combination of “wellness” and “vacation”, detailing a luxurious vacation getaway with Lisa Raleigh! On these trips, you’ll join Lisa for an unforgettable wellness retreat at her favourite idyllic spots around the world, and enjoy an itinerary packed with adventure, wholeness and fun!

You’ll get to spend each day and night learning from Lisa; rebounding with her daily, eating with her, adventuring with her and attaining invaluable insights into living a fulfilled, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

This isn’t a boring, sugar-free or detoxifying get-away! You’ll do all the healthy stuff, but Lisa will show you how you earn and balance it with that sunset beach cocktail and delectable meals, not to mention beautiful scenery and exciting outdoor adventures and excursions!

In 2022, Lisa hosted a group of ladies in Réunion Island, in April/May of 2023 she took another group of ladies to Zanzibar, and she returned to Réunion Island with more ladies in September of 2023.

The life-changing testimonies that have come from previous trips, have inspired Lisa to continue doing WellCations in other gorgeous parts of the world. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next one!

We hope that you’ll join Lisa in paradise!

Please Note: These trips are for ladies ONLY, and adults over the age of 18

Reunion Island 2022

“Staf, Bella and I have completely fallen in love with Reunion Island. Our family have been there so many times, and I couldn't wait to take this group of ladies to our paradise getaway. The French culinary culture (includes meticulous attention to detail and quality), the multitude of outdoor adventures, amazing tropical weather, and first-world facilities made for incredible lifelong memories. We got to know each other, shared our various stories, and each got to live my daily ethos of fun, balance, fitness, food and exploration.

The primary objective of my WellCations is to help each person unlock the best version of themselves, to demonstrate how beautiful healthy living truly is, and to empower each individual to make sustainable lifelong lifestyle changes. What a privilege to have spent this time with such special women and being allowed to engage deeply, teach without disruption, and personify true wellness interlocked with memorable experiences. Love you all, ladies!” – Lisa Raleigh


“On my WellCation to Zanzibar in April/May of 2023, I hosted a group of 22 amazing women on the most phenomenal wellness vacation. These women – despite the challenges facing us back home in South Africa – made the commitment and investment to come along and do something for themselves and their well-being. I think all of us really needed to take a breather from our busy lives back home! We needed to practice self-care and self-love – you can’t pour from an empty cup, so we needed to pour some back in! We did it all, from sunrise yoga, to sunset drinks in Stonetown, massages on the beach and even swimming with turtles! Definitely an unforgettable experience and such a memorable trip.

Although we did all these fabulous things, for me, the best part of this trip by far, was being able to connect with each lady. This trip gave us the perfect opportunity to deepen our bonds, support each other and hold that special place for one another, as women. I felt incredibly honoured to be share this awesome journey with them, as we spent each day living and learning a balanced, fulfilled lifestyle. This trip taught us that wellness is holistic… It’s not ONLY about eating well and exercising regularly – it’s truly a MINDSET and a way of life!” – Lisa Raleigh