I’m super excited to announce my collaboration with BODYTEC, where my expert nutrition guidance meets BODYTEC’s Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training to guide you towards your ultimate wellness goals.

No matter what your personal health goals are, we all know that no one can out-train the fork. Using my trusty, tried-and-true Elimin8 cleanse and tailor-made Healthy Eating Plans, I’ll help BODYTEC members stay on track to achieve their wellness dreams.

This amazing offer, for BODYTEC members only, includes amazing recipes that are cleanse-friendly and suitable for long-term healthy eating. This, in conjunction with your BODYTEC high-intensity, low-impact strength training, is bound to help you achieve the wellness success you’ve always dreamed of!

This offer is for BODYTEC members only, find more info on how to become a member at www.bodytec.co.za/memberships or book a trial at bodytec.co.za with promo code LRFREE to claim your FREE trial session worth R195.

If you are Bodytec member, shop our collaboration packages here: