Beginner’s Programme 2.0

Welcome to your, beautifully-curated, progressive rebounding journey that’ll teach you all the fundamentals, whilst incrementally improving your rebounding skill and endurance! 

If you’re here, it means you’ve heard about rebounding – exercising on a mini-trampoline – and its phenomenal health and fitness benefits. At bounti, we’re incredibly passionate about helping others realise the best version of themselves through this life-changing, miracle modality.

The key question; I have my rebounder, now what do I do to gain the maximum benefits from it?

Rebounding is a lot tougher than it looks! Making this form of exercise accessible to all fitness levels is something that both bounti, as a brand, and our founder, Lisa Raleigh, are extremely passionate about. This goal is what has driven us to develop and curate our amazing bounti Beginner’s Programme, which takes you on a transformative, progressive fitness journey from absolute newbie to rebounding pro!

We’re thrilled to make rebounding accessible for all, with this new-and-improved bounti Beginner’s Programme, which is totally unique! There’s nothing like this programme ANYWHERE else on this planet!

Why is This Programme Called “Beginner’s 2.0”?

Our Beginner’s Programme 2.0 is actually the second version of this programme, where we’ve upped the quality and significantly enhanced the experience it presents to you. The initial version of this programme was actually shot by Lisa, all by herself, during lockdown! Due to the nationwide lockdown restrictions, she had no filming crew, professional setting or high-tech equipment.

Although the key principles, focus and purpose of the programme remain the same, its 2.0 version includes an improved look and feel, as well as a proper sound, lighting and tech set-up! Due to its quality-related issues, the first, 1.0 version of this programme is no longer available.

In this new-and-improved version of the programme, Lisa’s own level of rebounding skill and proficiency have improved significantly! She’s levelled up in her rebounding over the years, since filming the initial version of this programme. Not only are you getting a better experience with this 2.0 programme itself, you’re also being taught and guided through a better quality of rebounding, learning the latest, most applicable techniques and moves.

Lisa Unpacks Beginner's Programme 2.0

Why Should You Do the Beginner’s Programme?

If you don’t know how to utilise your rebounder to get the most out of it, then this is the programme for you. Here, Lisa teaches you how to use your rebounder to exercise properly, and reap its maximum benefits. Whether you’ve had a rebounder for ages, you’ve just bought a rebounder, you’re a complete fitness newbie or you’re super fit, but completely new to the rebounding modality specifically – we’ve got you.

This programme takes you on an 8-week journey, although you will have access for a 20-week period – just in case your consistency is disrupted by travelling, you fall sick and need time to recover, or perhaps you’d like to repeat a few of the workouts. Over the 8 weeks, Lisa will guide you with workouts that progress from 10 minutes in week 1, to 60 minutes in week 8.

Our goal with this programme is to get you started slowly, and build your rebounding fitness in a way that is gradual and enjoyable. 

The 8-week programme is broken up into 56 at-home rebounding sessions, with 1 session per day for 7 days a week. Week 1 starts with 10 minutes each day. The daily amount of minutes increases week by week, until week 8. By the end of week 8, you should be able to do a full 60 minutes of rebounding.

Although this programme is incredibly valuable for total beginners who are completely new to the rebounding modality, if you have done the initial 1.0 version of this Beginner’s Programme – or perhaps you’ve rebounded in the past, but fallen off track – you’ll still definitely benefit from doing this 2.0 version! It’s totally new, with never-before-seen workouts and challenges; a progressive journey that absolutely anyone and everyone can find value in.

We can guarantee that, if you do this programme properly, you’ll see so many improvements in your body, health, energy and mental wellbeing. You will end as a completely new, happy and healthy human being!

Introducing Beginner’s 2.0

What Does This Programme Include?

The programme covers all the basics you need to start your rebounding journey, so you’ll not only feel more confident when you bounce, but you’ll also smash your health and fitness goals in just 8 weeks!

This programme includes an intro video before each week to tell you what to expect. These videos include everything you could possibly need to know, from the workout itself, to what to wear. This is so that you’re as safe and as educated as possible! From there, Lisa teaches you all the basics; from how to stand on your rebounder correctly, as well as all the equipment used and techniques of different moves.  

More specifically, this programme includes:

  • An introductory welcome video on what to expect from the entire programme as a whole
  • Introductory videos of what to expect during each week
  • Safety guidance, including advice on what to wear, bouncing with the correct footwear, and even the after-effects of rebounding!
  • Technique videos
  • An equipment breakdown
  • Guidance from Lisa as to what you should do after completing the programme

A Sneak Peek Into The Programme


How Does This Programme Work?

The entire programme will be streamed via our online hosting platform. Although this means that the workouts are not downloadable, you can choose to stream them at any time of the day that suits you! As long as you have decent Wi-Fi connection, you’re good to go.

You can either choose to purchase this programme separately, on its own, or you can choose to get it included in our Life of bounti Subscription! All content within this subscription is also streamed via our online hosting platform. For an affordable, fixed monthly fee, this subscription gives you access to:

  • Every single bounti Programme (including this one)
  • 20 brand-new FOMO rebounding workouts every month (which accumulate over time)
  • Our entire library of Exercise Snacks (short rebounding workouts that range between 1 and 10 minutes in duration)
  • Our repository of wellness webinars, which include invaluable advice and guidance on various wellness-related topics

Don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand every single bounce of the way! Lisa will make sure you’re fully comfortable with every aspect. Get ready for the ultimate fitness transformation! Don’t forget to document your journey, with pictures, videos and even journaling throughout the experience.

How Does This Programme Differ from Our bounti Foundation Programme?

Compared to our 4-week bounti Foundation Programme, the Beginner’s Programme takes everything up to a whole, new level. Where the Beginner’s Programme takes you on an 8-week journey, from 10 to 60 minutes of bouncing, the Foundation Programme takes you on a 4-week journey, from 2 to 20 minutes of rebounding. This Beginner’s Programme is a natural step up, only after you are totally comfortable with our bounti Foundation Programme, and find it easy enough to take your rebounding up a notch!

Please also be mindful of the fact that while the Foundation Programme was shot with the use of an optional Support Bar to hold onto while you need the extra stability, this Beginner’s Programme is only suitable once you have reached a level of bouncing where you are comfortable without this Support Bar. If you find this Beginner’s Programme too difficult, please consider the bounti Foundation Programme instead.

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Why Rebounding?

If there’s one exercise modality that can help you build muscle, burn fat (and plenty of calories), as well as get super-fit in one go, it’s rebounding

The truth is, bouncing on a mini-trampoline is one of the quickest ways to build muscle mass, improve overall strength and up your fitness levels in one, single exercise session. This is because the body works twice as hard to defy gravity (as well as the forces of acceleration and deceleration) when bouncing on a mini-trampoline, and this has an impact on every cell, muscle and organ in the body!

In fact, NASA scientists discovered that regular rebounding (for just 10 minutes at a time), requires at least 3 times more effort than jogging or running (and is, therefore, 3 times more effective), but with no negative impact on the joints. 

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How is This Programme Structured?

Week 1:

  • No equipment
  • Workouts range from 10 to 13 minutes

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

  • All equipment from previous weeks needed
  • All workouts are 60 minutes
What Will You Need to Do This Programme?

To bounce with us and get the most out of this programme, here’s what you’ll need: