Body Bar | 3kg | NEW

R 799.00

“Body Bars bring variety and increased intensity to any workout. A must-have within any rebounding equipment set. We use them creatively in bounti rebounding classes, and they are great for a home gym setup. Our weighted body bars, with colourful flower end caps, have a soft, comfortable, slightly spongy grip (gentler on your palms and fingers) and come in 2kg (pink) 3kg (turquoise), 4kg (purple) and 5kg (grey) options.”- Lisa  

Body Bars Feature
2kg, 3kg, 4kg or 5kg options
Soft grip
Easy to clean
Easily transportable
Applicable to a wide variety of rebounding and other workout sets

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Terhoeven
Loving the body bar!

Thank you for quick delivery - it is a great addition to my rebounding workouts at home!

Favourite Equipment

Apart from the Spring Studui Pro, the Body Barre is my favourite piece of equipment to use. Can really lean into the squats or lunges, which is amazing. 3kg is a nice weight to use, it's got a weight, but not too heavy to use and too jump with. Really cool.