Adjustable Wrist & Ankle Weights | Black

R 899.00

Our client-favourite Ankle Weights, in a classy, neutral black, are not only super easy to mix and match with your athleisure and other workout equipment, but also fully adjustable!

Choose your desired weight, with each Ankle Weight having a capacity of 2kgs (4 x 0.5kg weighted bags in each)! Add more weighted bags as you get stronger and progress, or adjust the weight depending on the activity you use them for.

They’re also incredibly versatile! Lisa loves to use hers for rebounding, but they can also be worn for extra resistance during strength-training. Use them on or off the rebounder! They’re also way more hygienic than your standard ankle weight – 100% washable in cold water. Just make sure to leave them out in the open air to dry afterwards, and avoid direct sunlight and tumble drying!

The extra weight these Ankle Weights provide promises to give you a really effective workout, allowing you to build lean muscle, add that extra challenge, and torch calories!

What’s not to love? With these handmade, locally manufactured and designed Ankle Weights, you can add resistance, burn calories and get that killer workout in, all while looking fabulous!