Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kit

R 1,199.00

Please Note: The colour of your Mini Infinity Loop Bands, 1kg Dumbbells and Long Resistance Band may vary, although their functionality will remain the same.

Kick-off a new training programme with this ultra-versatile set of fitness equipment. For our beginners, we recommend either our bounti Beginner's Programme 2.0 or our bounti Foundation Programme (both either available separately or within our Life of bounti Subscription).

Our Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kit has everything you need for challenging, full-body strength workouts. It includes:

  • 1 x pair 1kg neoprene dumbbells
  • 1 x Pilates ball grey (25cm)
  • 1 x Long LR White/Grey Band
  • 1 x Mini Infinity Bands

This kit was created to perfectly complement our wealth of rebounding workouts designed for the Lisa Raleigh Rebounder.  However, it serves as a perfect exercise starter kit regardless of whether or not you train with a rebounder.

*Kit does not include Rebounder

These weights are designer items that need to be utilized with care. If you drop them or they come into contact with another object, they may scratch/chip. But, scratches, blotches, and even surface level rust are common through general wear and tear on these hand-weights. All of this has no impact on the usage and technical aspects of the product. We think it’s even sexier once they have that used grainy look :) Please handle them with care and ensure you wipe them down (dry) after each workout. If you’re concerned with rust then application of linseed oil, found at most hardware stores, is an option but be careful of slippage after application.