bounti x JumpSport | Foundation Programme + Kit + 570 Pro

R 12,198.00 R 16,197.00

Please Note: This product is currently on Pre-Order and will be ready for dispatch in August (potentially sooner). 

This bundle includes:
1 x JumpSport 570 PRO Rebounder
12 Weeks of access to the 4-week bounti Foundation Programme (valued at R900)
20 Downloadable Rebounding FOMO Workouts (valued at R2 000)
1 x Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kitcolour and texture of your Mini Infinity Loop Bands, 1kg Dumbbells, and Long Resistance Band may vary, although their functionality will remain the same.

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Embark on your rebounding journey with this bounti x JumpSport Bundle! This comprehensive package includes the JumpSport 570 PRO Rebounder, a specially curated Foundation Programme, 20 invigorating FOMO workouts, and a Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kit. Elevate your fitness experience and unleash the full potential of your rebounding, as you dive into a world of fitness innovation and gear up for a transformative exercise journey!

bounti x JumpSport 570 PRO Rebounder:

Immerse yourself in the ultimate rebounding experience with the JumpSport 570 PRO Rebounder, the pinnacle of rebounding innovation and quality. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the 570 PRO Rebounder features:

  • Rest assured with our lifetime warranty on this rebounder’s frame and legs, a 5-year warranty on its cords and mat (for private use) and a 1-year warranty on all of its other components, guaranteeing the long-lasting quality and durability of your 570 PRO Rebounder
  • Premium Experience: Enjoy the ultimate rebounding experience with an expanded mat surface area, providing you with more space for dynamic, high-intensity workouts.
  • Adjustable Firmness: Tailor your workout to your preferences, with options for a firm or extra-firm bounce, allowing for versatile and challenging exercise sessions.
  • 112cm Steel Frame, Multi-Layer Powder Coated: Robust and durable, ensuring stability and reliability during the most rigorous workout routines.
  • 36 x Extra-Firm Elastic Cords: Delivers an unparalleled, smooth, and low-impact bounce experience, designed to withstand rigorous and extended use.
  • Adjustable and Customisable Tension: Customise your bouncing experience with the flexibility to adjust and fine-tune the tension settings, ensuring a workout that perfectly suits your needs.
  • No-Tip, Stable Arched Legs: Provides a secure and safe platform for a wide range of exercises, guaranteeing a worry-free fitness experience.
  • 103cm Enhanced Lay-Flat Padded Petal Mat: The 5cm padded petal mat provides enhanced comfort during intense workout sessions, ensuring a luxurious and enjoyable exercise experience, where your bounce is expanded!
  • 6 Million Bounce Cycles Guaranteed: Demonstrates the resilience and durability of the rebounder, promising enduring performance and lasting quality.

bounti Foundation Programme:

Embark on an exhilarating 4-week fitness adventure with the bounti Foundation Programme. This exclusive programme is meticulously crafted to guide beginners and fitness newbies through a seamless transition into rebounding fitness.

With a structured approach that begins with manageable 2-minute workouts and gradually progresses to 20-minute sessions, this programme ensures that you build strength and endurance at a pace that suits your individual needs.

Delivered with comprehensive tutorials, workout tips, and in-depth exercise demonstrations, the bounti Foundation Programme offers unparalleled value and guidance, ensuring that you maximise your workout potential and achieve your fitness aspirations!

20 FOMO Workouts:

Never miss a workout again with the 20 FOMO (stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”) Workouts included in this bundle. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of exhilarating class-style rebounding sessions, designed to cater to absolutely anyone – with options from our various bounti trainers that include workouts for every age, stage, mood and fitness level! 

With the flexibility to download and engage in these workouts offline at your convenience, you can seamlessly integrate them into your daily routine, ensuring that your fitness goals remain within reach at all times! 

Revolutionise your fitness experience today with this comprehensive bundle. Unleash the power of innovative fitness solutions and embark on a journey towards unparalleled physical vitality and well-being!

Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kit: 

Revolutionise your rebounding experience with the Beginner/Intermediate Exercise Kit. This essential bundle equips you with:

  • Pair of 1kg Dumbbells
  • Long Resistance Band
  • Mini Pilates Ball
  • Set of Mini Loop Infinity Resistance Bands

Valued for its versatility, this kit provides the perfect tools to enhance your workout, whether you're just starting on your rebounding journey or advancing to an intermediate level. Maximise your rebounding potential and achieve your fitness goals with all the gear to get you going! 

Take your fitness experience to the next level today with this comprehensive bundle. Discover the power of innovative fitness and enjoy the journey towards unparalleled physical vitality and well-being!