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Your top DNA questions answered
Stil wondering why you should have your DNA tested, or where you should go to start the process? I answer your questions in this post..
4 overlooked ways to relieve back pain
Here are a few of my tried-and-tested ways to prevent and manage back pain
8 reasons why you should take a DNA test
Considering a DNA test? Find out how it can give you a window into your health
My anti-ageing secret: DNA Skin
How DNA testing has helped me take better care of my skin and prevent signs of ageing.
Why a DNA test is the best tool to help you understand your health
Want to unlock the key to your optimal health? Then, a DNA test is your answer. Here’s why…
How to understand your body composition
Rather than a traditional scale, there's a much better way to track your body composition. I explain how in this post.
My outdoor balcony makeover with Leroy Merlin
See how I worked with French DIY store, Leroy Merlin to create a cosy, inviting outdoor balcony.
My master bathroom makeover with Leroy Merlin
See how I worked with French DIY store, Leroy Merlin to add colour and functionality to my master bathroom.
My white wall makeover with Leroy Merlin
See how I completely transformed a blank, white wall with the help of French DIY store, Leroy Merlin.
Digestion: It needs your attention today!
Digestion is one of the less discussed areas of wellness, yet it’s a fundamental building block of a healthy body.
My 6 top tips for weight-loss
Weight-loss is often right up there on the list of the average individual’s concerns, and certainly what I get asked about the most. The tricky thing with individual weight-loss is just that: we are all individuals. Reasons for weight-gain differ...
Portable breakfast ideas
6 healthy, portable breafast ideas for busy people on-the-go
10 Pregnancy tips and products to help you thrive
From how to dress to what to eat and which skincare products to use, here are your top tips to thrive through pregnancy.
How to stay healthy in winter
12 tried-and-tested wellbeing habits that will help to boost your immune system and keep you strong and healthy in winter.
Real stories: Super Scoop boosts kids' immunity
Mom of three, Danielle Strehler, explains how Super Scoop has helped to keep her little ones healthy.
What your DNA can reveal about your mental health
This genetic test that can help you identify whether you're at risk for a range of mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety.
My mental health journey
From overcoming an eating disorder in school to managing post-partum depression, here, I open up about my mental health struggles through life.
Top tips for an eco-friendly home
Go green and help yourself and the planet with my top eco-friendly tips and buys.
Have you heard of the Meraki ring?
My Meraki ring has a special story behind it and makes the perfect gift for a friend, or yourself!
My post-partum weight loss journey
How I lost my baby weight and kept it off. (Psst, there are no shortcuts here!)
The best skin treatment products to try now
If you're serious about your skincare regime, and seeing real changes, I've discovered the perfect range for you.