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How to achieve the ultimate life balance
I share my top tips and 8 essential pie pieces to help you achieve a healthy life balance.
How to take charge in a life-threatening situation
If you were ever in a life-threatening situation, would you know what to do? I chatted to WIP founder, Mark Grobbelaar for his top tips. 
My top tips and products to boost your immune system
This winter, give your immune system a real boost and keep those germs at bay with my top tips and suggestions.
How to keep young kids stimulated and entertained through lockdown
Here are some great ideas to keep your kids happy and entertained at home
9 ways to practice body positivity

Practicing body positivity should be a continuous habit. Here are 9 ways to improve the love that your body should be receiving – from you!

7 of my best wellness products to try now
Not sure which of my wellness products to try? Here are 7 of my favourites...
Maximise your healthy lifestyle by avoiding these mistakes...
Make the most of your healthy lifestyle and make sure you're working smart by avoiding these mistakes
How to make smart goals you can achieve
Having dreams is easy, but setting goals to achieve them is challenging. See my tips on setting smart goals you can accomplish.
Tips to avoid burnout
Feeling tired and depleted? You could be heading for burnout. Here are my suggestions to help you deal with stress
Why Reunion Island has my heart
Reunion Island is my top island destination. Read on to find out why I keep going back with my family
Healthy habits to make 2020 your best year yet
From improving your quality of sleep to adjusting your diet, here are a few healthy habits that'll change your life!
The eco-friendly beauty products I'm swooning over
Made with the finest essential oils, and the best sustainable eco-friendly ingredients, this skincare range is a must.
My ultimate vegetarian meatloaf recipe
This delicious vegetarian meatloaf always goes down a treat - even with meat eaters! It's ideal for special occassions.
Do you want to know more about your family tree?

There's an exciting new DNA test on the market to help you learn more about your ancestry. I talk about it here...


Your top DNA questions answered
Stil wondering why you should have your DNA tested, or where you should go to start the process? I answer your questions in this post..
4 overlooked ways to relieve back pain
Here are a few of my tried-and-tested ways to prevent and manage back pain
8 reasons why you should take a DNA test
Considering a DNA test? Find out how it can give you a window into your health
My anti-ageing secret: DNA Skin
How DNA testing has helped me take better care of my skin and prevent signs of ageing.
Why a DNA test is the best tool to help you understand your health
Want to unlock the key to your optimal health? Then, a DNA test is your answer. Here’s why…
How to understand your body composition
Rather than a traditional scale, there's a much better way to track your body composition. I explain how in this post.
My outdoor balcony makeover with Leroy Merlin
See how I worked with French DIY store, Leroy Merlin to create a cosy, inviting outdoor balcony.