Lisa feeds Harley Eukanuba

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“Having a dog in your home is really like having full time, always on entertainment! Harley is my first fur baby, and such an important part of our family. She brings deep joy to our lives, and takes after me in her love of all things physical! She is a typical Jack Russel in so many ways, with a huge personality for such a small dog. They really don’t know that they aren’t big dogs! She is curious and has a very sweet nature. She is an only-dog, and I swear she thinks she is one of the humans in the house!  

Harley joins in on as many of our family activities as possible, from evening strolls to holidays. She is happy chasing us around the house, happy out and about in Joburg green belts, but at her absolute happiest digging a great big hole in the sand on a Durban beach! Harley travels easily, so we are fortunate to be able to pack her in and take her along whenever we visit my KZN family.  

My daily, and much-loved, exercise modality is rebounding, which is not exactly suitable for dogs, although Harley loves playing on and around my rebounders. They make great hide and seek zones! But my husband, Staf and I also run regularly, with Harley on a lead. She gets SO excited when her lead comes out and our running shoes go on! In between these activities, we have a large selection of toys to keep her little body and mind busy.  

A bored fur baby is a destructive fur baby, so we work hard at keeping Harley involved with our activities, and active in and around our home. With 5-year-old Bella around, there is always some kind of fun happening, and plenty of couch cuddles in between.  

We’ve found that outdoor activities are best for Harley in the early morning or late afternoon when temperatures are more moderate. If you live in Johannesburg, some tar running is inevitable on your way to or from a green belt area, so we keep that in mind in terms of her paws burning. Joburg is full of incredible park-like places to explore, in and around suburban zones. Know your parks, and which are dog friendly, and always enjoy them with another person or within a group. Harley might think she is a big dog, but she probably isn’t a terribly scary guard dog! 

If we are out for a longer activity, like a full morning of beaching in Durban, then a portable water bowl and insulated bottle is always packed for Harley, along with her favourite snacks. Every family member has their adventure-fuel favourites, even Harley! And we are super aware of over exposure to sun, for all of us, so we know to pack up and return to indoor activity when the temperatures rise. 

Harley is a family member

Like all of us, Harley enjoys being challenged and stimulated with a variety of activities and different places to explore. She is very much a member of the family, and we like to think that her enthusiasm and love of the outdoors is taken as a vote when it comes to planning our weekends and downtime.  

That waggy tail is a super special part of our lives, and we couldn’t imagine life without all that she brings to our world.” 

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December 07, 2021 — Lisa Raleigh