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3 fitness apps to get you moving and motivated
Whether you like to track your workouts, or follow calming, meditative yoga classes, I've written about my three favoiurite fitness apps here
Why rebounding is the best postnatal exercise
Rebounding helps to stabilise the core and pelvic floor which makes it a brilliant postnatal exercise. Read on to find out more.
My best weight loss tips at a glance
When it comes to healthy, sustainable weight loss, there are no short-cuts! However, these methods work.
The benefits of rebounding
If you're looking for reasons to start rebounding, check out these benefits here, plus a short video on why this exercise is for everyone!
Lisa Raleigh’s top exercises for working out with baby
You don’t need a gym or a babysitter to get your pre-pregnancy body back!
Why kegel exercises are important during pregnancy

Not only do Kegels strengthen your pelvic floor after pregnancy, they’ve been known to assist with bladder control and urinary continence.

Toning up in a hurry for summer!
Have you neglected your gym routine all winter and find that summer is now neaking up on you?
The difference between my T Bar and Support Bar
Just starting your rebounding journey? Find out the difference between my T Bar and Support Bar to help you decide which is best for you.
What DNA Sport has taught me about my body
The single genetic test that can reveal which exercise is best for you, and how your body responds to various activities.
The best exercises to help your baby get stronger

From tummy time to bicycling, these are the most effective exercises for your baby to help them grow up healthy and strong.

My journey with Fitbit and why I love the brand
My Fitbit is my fitness staple and has been since the brand launched in SA. Yep, this fitness tracker is amazing. Here’s why I love it…
Why my T-Bar is going to be the best part of your workout
I’m introducing a new member to the family – the first T-bar in South Africa!
How to burn more calories

Want to learn how to burn more calories? Here's what you need to do.

My new favourite fitness tracker: The Fitbit Charge 3
Did you know that Fitbit recently launched their brand-new Charge 3?
Adjusting your workout before baby
Pregnancy is often associated with unwanted weight gain, giving into food cravings and in all senses ‘letting yourself go’.
How to take charge in a life-threatening situation – Yes, you have a choice!
If you or your loved ones were ever in a life-threatening situation, would you know what to do?
Easy exercise after birth
Shaping up after birth is a priority to many mums, but getting started can be tricky.
Why exercise for kids is so important
Exercise for kids, rather than just being busy, is so important for a number of reasons.
Exercise made easy with the Thule Urban Glide Stroller
Here's a perfect tool when taking your child out for a quick jog or run in the great outdoors. 
Why I believe rebounding is the best exercise for kids
Exercise is the single most important thing you - and your kids - can do for your health.
Back pain from your baby bump? Try these…
With your precious cargo continuing to grow, it’s no surprise your supporting muscles are putting up a fight. The good news is that there are plenty of safe ways to ease pregnancy pains and keep you and your baby happy....