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How to set up your at-home workout space
Follow my top tips and tricks to transform your at-home workout space so that it's fun and inviting to train!
How and when to try foam rolling
Foam rolling is an excellent way to release tension in the muscles. I show you how to do it here
The difference between my new online BOUNTI classes
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Why Fitkicks and Fitsocks are ideal for rebounding + relaxing!
Here's why I'm obsessed with Fitkicks and Fitsocks, all day, everyday!
My solutions for common exercise excuses
No time to exercise? Or feel like you don't know where to start? Here, I tackle some common exercise excuses and how to win with workouts!
Why I believe rebounding is the best exercise for kids
Exercise is the single most important thing you - and your kids - can do for your health.
Exercise safely through the coronavirus
Yes you can still get your workout in while we navigate our way through the coronavirus. Here's how...
The power of rebounding: why it’s my favourite exercise
Here are just a few reasons why I love rebounding and why it's my favourite form of exercise.
Testimonial: How rebounding helped Mia lose weight and gain energy
Working mom of 2, Mia shares how rebounding has helped her lose weight and gain energy
Testimonial: Tracey's remarkable rebounding journey
New mom Tracey explains how rebounding changed her life and helped her overcome postpartum depression, and lose her excess baby weight!
Testimonial: Bethany's complete transformation on the rebounder
Student, Bethany describes how she experienced so many benefits of rebounding after starting it to reduce her exam stress and anxiety.
My top tips to burn more fat
In this post, I reveal some of the most effective ways to burn fat and boost your metabolism to achieve maximum results.
Here's why my BOUNTI course will give you the edge
I'm so excited to offer my exclusive BOUNTI Course to everyone who wants to train to become a rebounding instructor. Find out why my course is unique.
Yes you can exercise at work - here's how
Follow my tips to exercise at excuses for the 9-5ers!
How to prevent muscle stiffness after a workout
Here are my five most effective ways to prevent and manage muscle stiffness
How to stay cool when you exercise
Here are my top tips on how to manage the heat when you exercise so that you can power through your workout safely!
The difference between my rebounders
Keen to know the difference between my spring rebounder and bungee rebounder? I explain it all here...
Weight lifting – how heavy should you go?
Wondering whether to lift light or heavy weights for best results? I debunk the myths here.
3 fitness apps to get you moving and motivated
Whether you like to track your workouts, or follow calming, meditative yoga classes, I've written about my three favoiurite fitness apps here
Why rebounding is the best postnatal exercise
Rebounding helps to stabilise the core and pelvic floor which makes it a brilliant postnatal exercise. Read on to find out more.
My best weight loss tips at a glance
When it comes to healthy, sustainable weight loss, there are no short-cuts! However, these methods work.