What is the bounti GLO Programme?

Introducing the bounti GLO Programme, a progressive and transformative rebounding fitness journey, specially targeted towards ladies in their late 50s and 60s. bounti GLO is brought to you by phenomenal bounti instructor and rebounding advocate, Silvia Miles. GLO stands for “Gorgeous Ladies Owning”, and is all about ladies of this age group, who are going through challenging life changes, taking back control and empowering themselves through optimising their wellness and quality of life well into their older years.

“GLO” is also a play on words, referencing the youthful and radiant “glow” you’re sure to achieve with rebounding’s anti-ageing effects and health benefits, as well as the rejuvenating sense of self you experience when prioritising your health, wellness and fitness!

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The bounti GLO Programme consists of 10 workouts that have beginner, intermediate and advanced variations, giving you a total of 30 workouts. These workouts are available both separately with 10 workouts at each respective fitness level, and all together as a bundle of 30 workouts.

Silvia Miles herself, who is entering her 60s, is a living, breathing testament to the fact that it’s never too late to start your journey towards health and happiness. With Silvia having an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of women in this age group, we simply could not think of a better suited individual to bring you this never-before-seen, WORLD-FIRST programme! (Yes, it is a world-first; There isn't a rebounding series curated and beautifully rendered like this to be found anywhere else on the planet!)

Ladies, age is just a number. Who says you can’t age like fine wine? bounti GLO is the perfect programme to guide you on your rebounding fitness journey, with workouts that will gradually progress you, while also challenging you in unique and interesting ways. Although it’s been specifically designed and curated for ladies in their late 50s to 60s, it’s a programme that anyone and everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

Keen to improve your strength and fitness? bounti GLO is the way to go, ensuring your golden years are filled with vibrancy, vivaciousness and vitality!

Please Note: Some workouts within this programme contain music with explicit language and lyrical content. Parental guidance is advised.

 Although it does have a beginner level, BEFORE choosing to do the bounti GLO Programme, we strongly suggest that you have a foundational level of rebounding fitness already established. For this reason, we recommend that you complete either the bounti Foundation Programme or the bounti Beginner’s Programme prior to doing the bounti GLO Programme.

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How is the bounti GLO Programme Structured? 

There are 10 workouts, with each workout having a beginner, intermediate and advanced variation, which gives you a total of 30 workouts in the entire programme. You can either purchase all of the 10 workouts at a beginner level, at an intermediate level, or at an advanced level; OR you can purchase all 30 workouts, at all 3 fitness levels, bundled together.

We recommend that you start at the beginner level, progress to the intermediate level and then finish with the advanced, doing all 10 beginner workout variations first, all 10 of the intermediate ones next, and then all the advanced variations last.

However, (if you purchase the bundle of all 30 workouts), you can alternatively do all 3 fitness level variations of one workout, and then progress to the next 3 levels of the following workout (in other words, doing workout 1 at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level, before moving on to doing workout 2 at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level, and so on). 

  • The beginner workouts are approximately 20 minutes long, with the moves being relatively basic and the sequences being easy to follow.
  • The intermediate workouts are approximately 30 minutes long, with the bounces and exercises building on the learnings of the beginner level. The tracks are the same, with a few more added that include more difficult routines and moves.
  • The advanced workouts are 45 minutes long. These sessions will make you fitter and stronger, with the bounces and exercises building on even further from the learnings of the previous levels. If you reach this level, and mange to execute all the bounces and exercises with good form, in time to the music, there’s no doubt that you will have progressed significantly in your strength and fitness!

What to expect from each of the 10 workouts:

  • Workouts 1 to 3 (“Basic Workouts”) are full-body sessions, with a contemporary sound track.
  • In workouts 4 to 6 (“Core Workouts”), a lot of attention is given to building core strength. The music tracks take you back to the 70s and 80s, so they bring should back a lot of fond memories and nostalgia!
  • Workouts 7 to 9 (“Cardio Plus Workouts”) focus on building cardio fitness. These workouts will make you sweat, with the music being fast-paced and more modern.
  • Workout 10 (“bounti Favourites”) includes all of Silvia’s favourite moves and songs!

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What sets bounti GLO apart from other programmes? 

bounti GLO offers a unique approach to rebounding fitness, with several distinguishing features… 

  • The workouts incorporate slower and smoother movements to give you more control.
  • Rebounding’s low-impact nature naturally makes it kind and forgiving on the body, with less stress and strain on the joints, and a lowered injury risk. With this being said, the workouts in bounti GLO include bounces that are even softer than typical rebounding, reducing any jerky movements, making it even gentler on the joints.
  • The routines within GLO are designed to be repetitive, which assists in overcoming memory challenges, and allows for easier learning and enjoyment.
  • The moves are less complicated, ensuring a seamless and accessible workout for everyone!
  • bounti GLO gives you options allowing you to choose between different levels of difficulty and intensity that suit your preferences and capabilities.

What to Expect from bounti GLO… 

Despite the slower pace, a bounti GLO workout remains intense, resulting in a high calorie burn, depending on how much you want to exert yourself. Given that muscle loss accelerates after menopause, bounti GLO emphasises muscle-building exercises, which not only aids in preserving muscle mass, but also helps to maintain a higher metabolism.

In each workout, there is a warm-up segment and a cool-down segment, which focuses on specific stretches to alleviate stiffness and release tension. Silvia has invested considerable effort into curating a collection of appropriate tracks, with bouncing to the beat of the music being a central component of the programme.

The soundtrack includes some awesome golden oldies, of course! In Silvia’s words, “bounti GLO aims to bring joy and happiness into our lives, so that we don't become grumpy old people as we age”.

The sessions are short (with the longest advanced sessions being 45 minutes in duration), yet are very effective! We are past the stage where we want to exercise for hours because we want to be super fit and super lean. We have things to do, places to go, and need to use our time wisely! bounti GLO gives you full, comprehensive workouts, in convenient, time-efficient sessions.

When you participate in the GLO sessions, you can expect a full-body cardio and strength workout that targets your core, legs, arms and abs and cardio, with the occasional use of weights and accessories. You will not only burn calories; you will build strength and get fitter! The routines help to develop and maintain muscle mass, keeping our metabolism at an optimal level. This is especially crucial as you age to stay healthy and mobile, and thereby enjoy a high-quality of life well into your older years.

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What is Needed for bounti GLO (Across All 3 Levels):

What do I wear?

Ladies, as we age, our bodies change; our waists get thicker, our bums get saggy, our boobs stretch, we get too hot… bounti GLO acknowledges the natural changes our bodies go through, and understands that suitable clothing becomes harder to find.

This is why bounti GLO encourages wearing comfortable clothes, and prioritises physical comfort and freedom of movement over societal expectations. If long leggings may make you feel too hot and restricted, wear shorts and a sports bra, if that’s what it takes to make you feel comfortable!

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What are the Benefits of Rebounding for This Age Group?

Get ready to embrace a rebounding journey like no other, filled with boundless benefits tailored just for you...

Gentle on Joints, Mighty on Results

Rebounding provides a low-impact, joint-friendly workout that still delivers powerful results. Say "goodbye" to the stress and strain on your knees and ankles, and "hello" to a heart-pumping, calorie-burning, and muscle-toning experience that is sure to leave you feeling strong and energised. Enjoy a lowered risk of injury, and the ability to train harder, more often and with little to no need for rest days!

Revitalise Your Balance and Coordination

Aging gracefully doesn't mean sacrificing balance and coordination. With rebounding, you'll enhance your stability, making everyday activities smoother and reducing the risk of falls. Embrace newfound confidence in every step you take!

Reignite Your Lymphatic System

Rebounding is like a secret massage for your lymphatic system! Gently bouncing on the trampoline stimulates lymph flow, aiding your body in flushing out toxins and boosting your immune system. While enjoying improved immunity, a stimulated lymphatic system will also lessen the appearance of cellulite, and make you feel renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

Happy Hormones, Happy You

Let the endorphins flow! Rebounding triggers the release of those feel-good hormones, elevating your mood and reducing stress. Embrace a brighter outlook on life as you bounce your way to bliss.

Combat Bone Density Loss

It's time to put the bounce back in your bones! Rebounding is a fantastic weight-bearing exercise that can help combat bone density loss, a common concern for women as they age. Stronger bones mean a stronger you!

Cardiac Care with a Smile

Your heart deserves all the love and attention it can get. Rebounding is a heart-healthy workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, helping you maintain a strong and resilient ticker for years to come.

Rediscover Your Youthful Glow

As you bounce, you'll be amazed at how your skin glows with renewed vitality. Rebounding promotes circulation, delivering essential nutrients to your skin cells, giving you that youthful radiance you'll adore!

Embrace Endless Energy

Rebounding is a natural energy booster! Say "goodbye" to that mid-afternoon slump and "hello" to a new surge of vigour that keeps you going all day long.

Joyful and Fun

Fitness should be enjoyable! Rebounding brings out the childlike joy in all of us, making each workout session an absolute blast. Dance, bounce, and celebrate life as you embark on this uplifting journey.

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A Word from Silvia Miles…

“I would like to welcome you to the bounti GLO Programme! The workout sessions have been recorded at both the bounti Studio in Bryanston, Johannesburg and in the comfort of my home in Wartburg, South Africa. I am in my 6th decade of life, and have been rebounding for just over 2 years… It has totally changed my life!

bounti GLO is a series of 30 workouts, specifically designed for women over 50, ranging from beginner through to advanced levels. However, it is worth noting that these workouts are suitable for anyone, regardless of age or gender.

Rebounding has been a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation for me, and my hope is that it will do the same for you. There is nothing quite like the joy I feel after a fantastic workout with good music. I sincerely appreciate your decision to join me on this journey!

bounti GLO is the ultimate recipe for embracing life's golden years with vitality and enthusiasm. So, let's bounce together towards a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you!”

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July 26, 2023 — Lisa Raleigh