Bungee Studio Pro + Foundation Programme | Online

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This bundle includes:
1 x Bungee Studio Pro Rebounder
1 x bounti Foundation Programme (12 weeks of access from date of purchase)

This is the perfect beginner bundle for you! The bounti Foundation Programme takes you on a progressive 4-week journey, where you’ll go from 2 to 20 minutes of rebounding. This programme includes:

  • 7 workouts per week (1 for each day)
  • Weekly introduction videos, which unpack the week ahead
  • Supportive guidance throughout the programme

Ideal for absolute rebounding or fitness newbies, those recovering from injury or illness, and those who are elderly, the bounti Foundation Programme lays down the absolute basics and fundamental building blocks of your rebounding journey.

Bundled with our Bungee Studio Pro Rebounder, which is your recommended entry-level bungee, you’re set to start your rebounding journey the right way! The Bungee Pro Rebounder, with its maximum weight limit of up to 100kgs, adds optimal luxury, space and freedom to your bungee bounce.

Enjoy all you need to kick off – or re-start – your bounti journey. Remember; slow and steady wins the race, and practice makes progress!