The bounti "SCULPT" Programme

Join the incredible Steph B for our Beginner bounti SCULPT Programme, where she’ll take you through a comprehensive layering of techniques, equipment and coordination, which incorporate rebounding with more of a Pilates feel – at a foundational level.

Our BLOG post HERE verbosely details and contextualizes the SCULPT Programme.

Also see the interview below with Lisa & Steph, further down a screen recording providing a glimpse of the actual programme and below that the programme and accessories listed (especially the new bounti HALO weights & SCULPT Bands).

NOTE : although this is the foundation level of SCULPT, the beginner workout is suitable for all levels of fitness, providing enough of a challenge for even advanced students. It’s recommended that those at an advanced level take on this beginner’s programme first in order to broaden their fitness knowledge, and get better results in the intermediate and advanced levels, as well as within their current workout plans.

Equipment remains light and minimal, and movements remain simple as the focus is primarily on creating and developing a better mind-body connection. Sculpt does utilize the beautiful and unique HALO weights.

  • The 10 Beginner SCULPT workouts include a variety of different, dynamic exercises, including standing, kneeling, lying down (supine and prone) and seated both on and off the rebounder.
  • Each class focuses on moving the body in a 3-dimensional way (forward and back, side-to-side and in twisting/rotational movement), using a variety of light pieces of equipment.
  • Controlled movements are also used a lot to effectively activate and recruit a variety of muscles, focusing on lengthening and toning.

SCULPT workouts will ensure greater confidence in overall movement with ongoing reminders taken from the basic Pilates principles, including :

  • Breathing
  • The pelvic floor and pelvic placement
  • Abdominal muscle recruitment
  • Scapular stabilisation
  • Rib cage placement
  • Movement from the neck in both flexion and extension exercises

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9 products