4-Week Foundation Programme

R 899.00

The Foundation Programme introduces the very basics of rebounding, and is the perfect place to start. Bridge from here to the Beginner's Programme.

With this programme, you get:

  • 4-week introductory programme, with 12 weeks of access to the content.
  • 1 workout video per day, for each of the 7 days per week.
  • Weekly introduction videos that outline the week ahead.
  • 2-minute workouts that progress to 20-minute workouts.
  • Access to this programme starts from the date of purchase, unless we explicitly state a particular start date.

“Introducing, the bounti Foundation Programme! We love sculpting and adapting our products based on YOUR feedback. This 4-week programme was designed for absolute beginners, the elderly, or anyone coming back from illness or injury, who wants to start with a 2-minute workout, that progresses to 20-minute workouts, over a 4-week period.

My guidance during these sessions is really supportive, and ensures that you are slowly and carefully immersed into the sensations of rebounding. You will be following me, not the crazy beats of a fast-paced song, because the focus here is on coordination, balance, orientation, form, and safety. I want you to slowly and consistently grow your confidence levels over the 4 weeks.

The workouts were shot with a bounti Support Bar or bounti T-bar, but you can do without it. You don’t need much.. Only your rebounder, light dumbbells (0.5kg-1kg), a small resistance loop band, a soft ball and a great mindset. 

You will be hand-held, by me, throughout the programme... After completion, or a few more times of trying it out, you may wish to progress from here to our VERY popular “8-week bounti Beginner's Programme”. If you are looking for an introductory, and an accessible and fun way to begin a rebounding journey, this is for YOU. For all my absolute rebounding newbies, you'll also find our Introduction to Rebounding Workshop incredibly beneficial.

This is perfect for your parents or grandparents too! Rebounding health benefits for the elderly are extraordinary and they can do right there at home. I cannot wait to hear all your testimonials!” – Lisa.