Meet the Lr Chef
Tamsyn Woudberg is a Johannesburg based wife, mom of two, and a qualified chef, having studied through HTA, School of Culinary Arts in Randburg, South Africa. Tamsyn has worked in the culinary field both locally, and internationally, gathering experience at the likes of the Ritz Carlton in the US and other, local, 5-star hotels.

Tamsyn brings exciting talents and passion for the food industry to the LR Group. Experience in teaching both adults and children to prepare healthy food is just one element that will soon become an “Lr mindful living” offering.

Over the past 5 years Tamsyn’s interest in healthy plant-based food has grown. In March 2020 she grew a private cooking business, preparing food for families. Her focus centred on special dietary requirements from vegan, vegetarian, DNA specific diets as well as children’s meals. Her passion for nourishing bodies and creating happiness through food perfectly aligns with our LR Group philosophies. She finds joy in using locally sourced, fresh, seasonal produce and using the whole ingredient for minimal waste.

“It is so important to use fresh ingredients, know what is in your food, and eat what nourishes your body. My simple ethos of nature’s nourishment; Be mindful about what you eat and what you feed your family. Know where your food comes from. Avoid processed food & minimize eating animals! Eat as natural as you can and keep your food in its most natural form.

Joining the Lr Group, I bring years of experience, hard work, studies, passion and knowledge. I have learned a lot from all the people I have crossed paths with on my journey and draw inspiration from these interactions. I love food, everything about food. Eating it, cooking it, designing recipes, creating menus, really anything to do with food, I love.” – Tamsyn

Tamsyn is ready to demonstrate her passion for nourishing bodies, and show clients exactly how exciting, delicious and nutrient-rich a plant-based diet can be. Watch out for in-person and webinar invites where you will be able to experience Tamsyn’s services, in unison with Lisa and the team.

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