7 of my favourite wellness products

Walk into any wellness store and you're bound to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of products lining the shelves, promising everything from weight loss to immune boosters and more. But how do you know which products really work and live up to their claims, until you've actually bought them? 

This is where my Online Store comes in. I'm so proud to say that each and every wellness product I list on my store is one that I've personally tried and tested, and believe in! So, you can rest assured that the products you purchase from me do live up to their claims and will help to make your wellness journey easier and more enjoyable. Plus, if you put in the work, you'll see the results you're after.  

This month, I've picked 7 of my favourite wellness products I think you should try. It was difficult to choose only 7, but here goes...

Lisa Raleigh X Yummy Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Tummy Butter 

Lisa Raleigh X Yummy Maternity Body Butter

Whether you’re pregnant or just someone who suffers from stretch marks (with weight changes), this product is your ultimate weapon in the fight against stretch marks and itchy skin. It’s made with a nourishing blend of certified organic and natural ingredients, yet it's not too pricey and it was a lifesaver for me throughout my pregnancy.

Take a moment to massage a generous amount of this tummy butter into any area where you're prone to stretch marks, twice a day for ideal results! It’s also effective when paired with the Lisa Raleigh X Yummy Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Pregnancy Tummy Oil.

I love these products because they're rich, yet lightweight and absorb quickly into the skin. Plus, they're made with 100% natural ingredients, so they're safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Super Scoop 

Lisa Raleigh Super Scoop Raw Cacao flavour

If there's one wellness product you need to keep in your pantry, for all seasons and stages of life, it's Super Scoop. I designed this product for busy families who need and all-in-one product to deliver optimal nutrition - fast, and Super Scoop is it. This organic drink mix is packed with 50 organic fruits and veggies including barley grass, beetroot extract, mushrooms, aloe and alfalfa. Plus, it contains probiotics and fibre to keep you and your family healthy and strong. 

It’s one of my favourite products to add to my day – I often have it at nighttime or mid-afternoon with a light snack. If I'm travelling, I make sure to pack a few sachets in my overnight bag to ensure I'm never without it. Super Scoop is also a great energy booster, because it's so high in essential nutrients and antioxidants.

 Lisa Raleigh Super Scoop Peanut Butter Biscuit recipe

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Lisa Raleigh T-Bar Go Go Grape

I personally spent a lot of time and energy developing my T-Bar and it's the first-ever, award-winning product of it's kind in SA, which is why I'm so proud of it!

It’s locally produced, with the concept, design, team and manufacturing all being proudly South African and I made it just for you and me. The aim of my
T-Bar is to help you take your rebounding journey further. With the T-Bar, you can bounce harder and higher, and use it for support when you're lifting your legs, practicing kicks and doing squat jumps or frog jumps.

It's also made with steel loop holes at the bottom which are ideal for tying your resistance band to, so that you can do a whole bunch of toning exercises to target different muscle groups, in one class. I've designed it for both beginners and advanced users, so don't be intimidated by how it looks!

It also fits snugly under your LR Rebounder and is easily removable by simply lifting the rebounder up. It really takes rebounding workouts to the next level!

My T-Bar comes in 12 different colour variants, so you can pick your favourite. My personal favourites are the Go Go Grape and the Aqua Limelight.

Bungee Rebounder 

LR Bungee Rebounder

My Bungee Rebounder is the most recent addition to my Online Store and it's so much fun to bounce on! It’s a proudly South African rebounder, made with a thick rim and sturdy spider-like legs. It also has a special safety locking mechanism in the legs which is patented. It's a bit wider than the LR Spring Rebounder and perfect for people with longer legs, taller bodies, or simply those who prefer to have more space when they rebound.

All the bungee ropes attach individually, which is great and cost effective because if necessary, you only need to replace one instead of the whole bungee cord. I don’t have a favourite between my Bungee Rebounder and Spring Rebounder, but I appreciate their differences and the type of bounce that the Bungee Rebounder allows. They are on pre-order but are limited, so if you want one, order now!

Difference between Bungee Rebounder and Spring Rebounder

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DNA tests 

Lisa Raleigh DNA test

I’m a huge believer in DNA testing. Why? Because your genes don't lie and DNA tests help to take all the guesswork out of finding the ideal eating plan for you, as well as what type of exercise you should do for your body, which supplements to take and what health issues you could be predisposed to. 

Why spend years wasting time, money and energy on a diet, exercise routine or batch of supplements that don't suit you? The best thing about DNA testing through DNAlysis, is that you get easy-to-read reports and personalised healthcare so that you can take the best care of yourself, in all areas. No more trial and error!



I’m a Fitkicks fanatic! To be honest, it’s changed the way I rebound and how comfortable I feel! I'm more in touch with my rebounder and my ankles feel more stable, so I know I won't sprain or strain them.

They’re also non-stick thanks to the silicone elements on the base, plus they're easy to wash and last long if you look after them. I’ve had some of my Fitkicks for over a year and they're still perfect.

When I’m wearing them, I never feel like I’m too high or disconnected from the rebounder. And I love that they're easy to travel with.

Class Style Workouts

I absolutely love giving my classes  and I love watching people get stronger and fitter before my eyes. I always include a warm-up, strength training session, cardio and conditioning, balance, core work and a cool down. Sometimes we ramp things up with Tabata and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which is always loads of fun. Click here to find out more

If you love being part of a class environment and you're looking for extra motivation to push your hardest, then my online, at-home rebounding classes are for you. 

I've shot over 50 at-home workouts, ranging from 5 minutes to 50 minutes, so you'll never get bored. My class-style bundle is your best value for money because it’s a lot cheaper than buying all the workouts individually. 


February 26, 2020 — Lisa Raleigh
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