Build strength, burn calories and have fun! Bounce your way to your dream body… Now, in-person at the BIGGEST rebounding studio in Africa, with the capacity to safely host up to 100 people at a time, or online - completely FREE via Zoom.

Join Lisa Raleigh, along with our other incredibly talented bounti instructors for exhilarating rebounding classes!

Don't know where to start? Check out our blog post, detailing absolutely everything you need to know about our different bounti rebounding classes and instructors, HERE.

Important class details: 

  • Classes range from 30 to 60 minute sessions
  • Class styles vary; beginner, intermediate to advanced fitness levels
  • Our class rates are for in-person classes, where a rebounder and all the necessary workout accessories will be supplied for you, by us, to use. Simply bring a great attitude!

How do I book a class?

All bounti class sessions are booked via the Octiv app. Once you’ve purchased your sessions here (via our e-store), our team will create an Octiv account for you, where your class credits will be loaded. You will then be sent an email, where all you have to do is create your individual, private Octiv profile and password.

Your Octiv profile is where all of your class credits will live, and where you can select and book the sessions you would like to do, according to our class schedule.

For any queries or bookings, contact our Studio at 060 503 8019