Spring Rebounder and Bungee Rebounder

One of the most popular questions I get asked is, “What is the difference between your original spring rebounder and your new bungee rebounder, and which one should I buy?”

To be honest, I love both – because they offer a different workout experience, even though they’re both rebounders. So, if you can afford both, I’d say go for it! However, if you prefer to have just one, here are the main differences between the two…

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Physical differences

The size

The LR Bungee Rebounder is higher, bigger and wider than the LR Spring Rebounder. So, if you’re tall – this rebounder might suit you better than the LR Spring Rebounder. My husband is really tall (over 6 feet) – and he prefers the LR Bungee Rebounder, whereas I’m average height and can bounce comfortably on both.

The LR Spring Rebounder is smaller, more compact, can fold up easily and be transported in a carry bag. This makes it ideal for travelling so that you never miss a workout. I take mine on all personal and business trips, so there's never an excuse to miss an exercise session. 

However, due to the size of the LR Bungee Rebounder, you can’t transport it easily (it’s also not foldable, although you can screw the legs off and store it flat in the back of your car if you need to transport it).

So, if you’re a gym or studio owner or you prefer to rebound in the same spot every day, the LR Bungee Rebounder is a good choice as it can stay put. 

The springs, cords and legs

I love that both the legs on the LR Bungee Rebounder and the LR Spring Rebounder can easily be removed. Plus, they both have a lock in mechanism once you screw them back on, so there’s no safety risks when you bounce.

Also, with the LR Bungee Rebounder, you can replace the bungee cords individually if need be, as each one is attached to the base separately, and the same applies to the springs of the LR Spring Rebounder. This means they’re both cost-effective and durable in the long-run – as you don’t need to replace the whole rebounder.

The bounce

The LR Spring Rebounder offers a sturdy, firm bounce, yet it’s kind to your muscles and joints – no jarring! The springs are long enough to give you a decent bounce back when you’re on the rebounder, rather than feeling like you’re jumping on the floor.

And the good news is, you don’t have to jump high to gain all the benefits of rebounding. In fact, the more you push down on the rebounder with your feet, the better! The aim is to stay as low to the rebounder as possible and focus on engaging your quads, glutes and calves when you bounce. This will really get your heart rate up!

On the other hand, the LR Bungee Rebounder offers a slightly different jumping experience.

It’s as firm as the spring rebounder but offers a faster, higher bounce. You can do a little more on a Bungee Rebounder such as lifting your legs higher, bouncing higher or moving more from side to side etc. So, your choice of rebounder really depends on what you’re looking to get out of each workout. Both rebounders will help you get fit, tone up, lose weight and detoxify your entire system.

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January 06, 2020 — Lisa Raleigh
Tags: Fitness