HALO Weight | Large

R 1,299.00

An absolute must-have on your rebounder & used extensively in the bounti SCULPT Programme

  • Weight : 4.5kg
  • Dimensions : Diameter of 96,5cm & Circumference of 96,5cm
  • Ergonomics : Non-slip & ring-shaped
  • Visuals : Classy, high-quality, matte black look & feel

The smaller 2.27kg HALO weight can be found HERE.

Consider the HALO weight a 3 in 1 value offer - i.e. Like Lisa would say, "Imagine if a dumbbell, medicine ball and kettle bell all had a baby – ha!" Yup, that’s the bounti “HALO”. A sleek, circular weight that emanates elegance and style!

Use the bounti HALO to optimise your workout experience with the bounti SCULPT Programme, or make it a sexy addition to your home gym to intensify your strength workouts or weight training sessions.

The circular shape ensures versatility of movement and exercise styles – i.e. employ it similarly to a kettle bell or any other weight, including the ability to suspend it from your arms/legs. Watch out for all the innovative ways our instructors will be incorporating it into their routines.

The circular shape introduces additional grip and confidence when used during rebounding.

Add style, luxury and sophistication to your gym arsenal with the bounti HALO.

NOTE: Only the 2.27kg bounti HALO is used in the Beginner bounti SCULPT Programme. This heavier 4.5kg bounti HALO is introduced during later stages of the bounti SCULPT Programme.