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Welcome to your complete bounti SCULPT journey, from beginner right through to advanced! bounti SCULPT is an all-encompassing style of rebounding, that combines a comprehensive layering of techniques, equipment and coordination, in maintaining its focus on toning and lengthening the muscles. In doing this, SCULPT introduces body weight work, strengthens your core and improves your posture and mobility. The fundamental principle of SCULPT is valuing GOOD TECHNIQUE.

In creating and curating bounti SCULPT, Steph – in alignment with her love and passion for movement – has been inspired by the movements of Pilates and Barre. She brings a whole different dynamic and style to the bounti offering – one that involves rebounding with more poise, control, lengthening and toning.

The objective of SCULPT is to become even more comfortable with naturally adding good technique and mindfulness into each rebounding class. Nourishing your mind-body connection means that you should become more aware of your muscles and have a better understanding of how to connect with them more intimately!

Steph introduces the full SCULPT journey

What to Expect From SCULPT

The entire SCULPT Programme is actually shot in front of mirrors, so that the viewer has a full 360-degree view of Steph. This means you can see the correct technique from absolutely all angles! Steph also only wears all-black athleisure throughout the programme, so that you can see her form properly, without distracting or disorienting patterns or bright colours. The whole programme is just so neat, uniform and classy, with such a sleek look and feel.

Whether you’re a complete exercise newbie, or a fitness fanatic, we recommend that you complete the SCULPT Programmes from beginner through to advanced; and do the workout sessions within each programme from 1 to 10, as each session progresses and layer on from each other, with you learning a new concept in each one. With 6 months of access to each programme, the following principles are highlighted and focussed on in each level of the SCULPT Programme:

• Breathing
• The pelvic floor and pelvic placement
• Abdominal muscle recruitment
• Scapular stabilisation
• Rib cage placement
• Movement from the neck in both flexion and extension exercises

bounti SCULPT challenges your body in a completely different way! It includes a lot of isometric movements, compound movements and slower movements, done with a whole lot more control. We’re all extremely proud of the programme! It’s so beautifully shot and curated, and definitely such a different rebounding experience, with a never-before-seen look and feel. Steph truly adds such a unique, valuable dynamic to our bounti offering. Huge congrats to her for developing a programme that extends her passion for rebounding and movement!

A word from Steph:

“To me, SCULPT is a personal journey of how movement has inspired me and given my life a sense of purpose.

It's inspired by a variety of key moments in my life, starting from my very early love for ballet, which I took in my first years of nursery school, where I was given free classes by a very kind ballet teacher who knew I couldn't afford them.

Once I hit primary and high school, that was the end of dancing for me. So I knew as soon as I could afford it I would do it again. Straight after my 4th year in varsity and getting my first paying job, I joined an adult beginner class.

This was paramount in me finding my purpose in life, and realising the passion I had for movement. A phrase I use often is that I am “INSPIRED BY MOVEMENT”, and I truly believe in that. There was a point in my adult life where I felt I had no purpose. It was a really depressing time for me, and I realised that I needed to find what makes me feel alive. It was at that point that I decided to take a Pilates course, which to this day I continue to expand on, and then teach.

Teaching was something so fulfilling for me. It brought a part of me to others, and let me see the same emotions of excitement and happiness in my students’ faces reflected back to me.

The beautiful, long and controlled movements offered by Pilates and Barre are so integral to the SCULPT Programme. This, combined with my deep enjoyment for movement and challenging my body, have definitely inspired the progressions and choreography.

The full programme, from beginner to advanced, has spanned over a 1.5 year period. From planning routines, testing new ideas and movements and practicing each and every session to learn it off by heart – all in-between getting married, moving house, renovating, working a full-time job and teaching my normal classes and workshops. It’s been wild!

Often I doubted I would get through it without having a breakdown; but, somehow I did… I am so proud of how I pushed forward and believed in myself to make it happen. Sometimes you just need to remember that you ARE capable, you ARE good at what you do, and you ARE where you are meant to be right now.

Shooting SCULPT has been a rollercoaster of emotion for me, specifically because of the amount of thought and effort that has gone into building something that is basically a story of movement in my mind. It's incredible to have developed something that is all me and inspires me. I really hope you enjoy the programme, that you sense the level of time and thought that went into preparing every class for you, and that it translates the same way as I have imagined it!

I hope that bounti SCULPT gives everyone the same excitement and joy, and challenges you in a different way, both physically and mentally. I want people to feel proud of themselves as they progress. My deepest wish is that bounti SCULPT empowers all of you to feel similarly “INSPIRED BY MOVEMENT”."

Steph's experience shooting SCULPT

Behind the Scenes of the SCULPT Programmes

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