11-Loop Resistance Band | Green

R 899.00

Please Note: Although the 11-Loop Resistance Band is integral to the bounti Sculpt Intermediate Programme, this green band has a lighter resistance than the blue band. For Sculpt Intermediate, we recommend using a blue 11-Loop Resistance Band for the appropriate and optimal level of resistance, however the green resistance band can also be used for this programme safely. 

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile, adaptable training tools, that allow you to add resistance to your workouts – whatever you’re doing, wherever you are. These 11-Loop Resistance Bands – which are medium level of resistance – are incredibly unique with their 11 consecutive holes through which you can grip, using either your hands or feet, to allow for a versatile and vast range of movement and exercises. Use them to work both your upper and lower body… They assist with flexibility and improve mobility too!

Resistance bands add intensity to your workouts by activating and recruiting different muscle groups, such as your glutes, shoulders or back! Wondering just HOW effective resistance bands can be? They can be even more challenging and dynamic than free weights!

This is because resistance bands promote both eccentric and concentric contraction (shortening and lengthening of the muscle)… Eccentric movement is most neglected when using free weights. After concentric contraction, we tend to drop the weight rather than slowly bring it down with resistance (the eccentric movement). 

When using a resistance band, you're more likely to keep your muscles engaged throughout the exercise! This strengthens and lengthens your muscles, while also improving your control. Unlike free weights, they also don’t have a gravitational pull, which spares you joint and tendon pain.

Their uses are endless, and they’re small enough to pop into even the smallest handbag and take with you on the go. Build strength, challenge yourself and optimise your bounti SCULPT workouts by adding these effective, yet efficient, resistance bands to your training accessory repertoire.

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