Hi moms. I get so many questions from you asking how I managed to lose my pregnancy weight and get my body back after giving birth to my beautiful daughter, Bella. My answer, in all honesty, is that there were no quick fixes, no magic pills and I don’t have a personal chef cooking super-healthy meals every day!

However, the good news is, I have found the best postnatal exercise that helped me lose weight and regain the strength I had before having a baby. Yep, it’s called rebounding and I’m officially a self-confessed addict.

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Why rebounding is a great best postnatal exercise 

A few great benefits of rebounding for moms:

  • It's so much fun and a big stress reliever (I don’t even notice I’m working up a sweat). 
  • It’s easy to do (no fancy equipment or gym contracts needed). 
  • It’s time efficient so I don’t have to feel guilty about taking time out to train. 
  • It's simple to set up and do at home, even while your baby naps. 
  • It's easy on the joints and tendons. 

I feel like I’m being kind to myself every time I bounce, which is what I want you to experience! Motherhood is tough as it is, full of physical and emotional ups and downs, and it requires most of our effort and attention, so why should we kill ourselves on the treadmill hour after hour or sweat blood just to lose some weight? No thank you!

The key to a toned tummy 

Although the saying, "Abs are made in the kitchen” is true, (the right diet is key to a flatter stomach), I also believe that the right exercise, with a combination of low impact cardio and resistance training, is important too.

Plus, it's essential to try and get enough sleep, minimise stress and see a healthcare practitioner who can help you balance your hormones. These are all factors which play a role in achieving a flat, toned stomach.

How rebounding works 

When you jump on a rebounder, every muscle in your body is engaged including the muscles surrounding your organs. And when you land, your deeper abdominal muscles stabilise your body, including your pelvic floor muscles.

These deeper muscular contractions help to strengthen and tighten the muscles that become lax during pregnancy. This works much the same way as a Kegel exercise which is key to preventing bladder issues such as incontinence.

It is especially necessary after childbirth, and I noticed a big difference in my core strength after rebounding for just a few weeks.

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More reasons why rebounding is ideal for moms..

Bella on Rebounder

You can do it with your family

Rebounding is fun and safe for everyone. In fact, from the minute your children can walk, they can bounce.. with assistance of course. But finding an activity you can all do together is important because the trick to sustained health and weight loss is finding the exercise or activity that ticks all the boxes for all of you.

You feel energised after a class, rather than depleted

This is thanks to rebounding’s regenerating properties and the fact that it detoxes the whole body and assists in attaining peak cell function. As moms, we need all the energy we can get, right? 

It boosts your immune system 

There's no doubt that parents need to be healthy round the clock! Rebounding stimulates the lymphatic system by effectively eliminating toxins from the body and helping the liver and kidneys to do their job. This means fewer colds and digestive problems.

It will help to balance your hormones after birth

This was so critical for me because I just didn’t feel myself after giving birth and my hormones took time to settle. However, the benefit of rebounding is that it stimulates the glandular system to increase the output of the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland and the adrenals… these are all key to a balanced hormonal system, and will assist you to feel less tired and lethargic.

You will feel stronger and better after bouncing

I love that rebounding is kinder on the joints, yet just as effective as running – as it burns calories and is weight bearing too, even though it doesn’t feel like it.

I started to lose weight and regain my strength quite soon after giving birth and that’s also because rebounding is a safe postpartum exercise, so I could start as soon as I got the ‘green light’ from my doctor.

Rebounding has a relaxing effect

You might not believe me while you’re bouncing away, but rebounding works on a cellular level to improve the quality of relaxation and sleep. Even if you bounce gently in your bedroom for a few minutes before bed, it’ll help your nervous system settle- which will enhance the quality of your sleep.

If you want to know more about the many benefits of rebounding, find out more here. 

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