If you’re like me, you’re looking for any way to ‘trim the fat’ off mundane daily chores. Life is short, and as a busy working mom, I take great care to keep that crucial work/life balance…. And sometimes it isn’t easy! As a result, one of my pet peeves is when I find myself burning time with repetitive, administrative tasks like shopping.

But the good news is, I have a solution – and that is to buy groceries online!


Shopping in-store – particularly grocery shopping – lost its appeal to me many, many moons ago. And it became straight-up unappealing when Bella was born. I mean, moms out there know. When you get that dreaded voice note, “Hey, please stop at the shops and grab….” And you have to surrender yourself and a grumpy/hyperactive toddler to traipsing around the mall. Online shopping, however… Whole. Different. Ball game. Especially during those precious moments where baby is sleeping and you finally have a moment to yourself, albeit a housebound one.

Introducing my saving grace and game-changer….. onecart.co.za. Simply put, when it comes to grocery shopping, this is the answer.

Here’s why:

It’s a virtual mall

As the name illustrates, I get to browse goods online from a handful of stores: – Woolworths – Pick ‘n Pay (and Pick ‘n Pay liquor) – Dis-Chem – Clicks … And stick them in one virtual cart. How cool? This is what really sets OneCart apart from the rest. The walking – and potentially driving – between shops is the biggest time drainer, and this app just eliminates that issue entirely. Granted, those who prefer Spar and Checkers won’t find those stores on here, but maybe that’s just a matter of time.

They deliver to your door

In certain areas, there’s the option to collect, but I have not so much as glanced at that. Delivery to my door is OneCart’s crowning glory! It costs R55 to deliver (as cheap as it gets, in my experience), and I try to bulk buy as much as possible to make that cost go further. I see they’re offering free delivery on your first purchase, so that’s a great opportunity for you to test their services. Even more mentionable is the speed: OneCart delivers to your door within two hours. TWO! I find that so impressive. You can also schedule delivery for a future time and date that suits you. OneCart currently delivers to loads of areas in most major cities.

You get a personal shopper

No, really. One of my biggest qualms about buying food online is that I can’t handpick my items. Droopy lettuce leaves and bruised fruit is not going to fly. OneCart assigns your shopping to a personal shopper, who then kindly keeps in touch with you, should they need your input for anything. If Woolies is out of strawberries, my shopper asks me if I’d like blueberries, and if one shop doesn’t stock my chosen item, they’ll source it elsewhere. It’s pretty spectacular when you think of it, it’s like your own PA for those few hours.

They’re professional

This is a big one in SA. I have yet to have any errors made on any of my orders, the shoppers are always so efficient and solution-focused, and it’s always happy, smiling staff who deliver the goods to my door. It’s just an all-round great experience.

Do you think OneCart would work for you? Tell me what you think.

November 28, 2018 — Lisa Raleigh
Tags: Lifestyle