When a woman moves into a new house, a lifetime of decorating begins. At least, that’s how I feel! I’ve been in my Parkhurst home for almost two years and I’m constantly in nesting mode, always looking for functional, yet beautiful pieces of furniture, décor or specific elements to add to the home and improve our quality of life.


At least I ticked a major to-do off my list recently by installing the ultimate Blockhouse Shutters all around my lounge and outdoor patio area. This is one of those massive steps we’re required to take in a new home, but the stage-fright is real when it comes to pulling the trigger. It’s a big investment after all, and once it’s done, it’s DONE.

The Blockhouse Shutters I went with are nothing short of amazing. I knew I wanted shutters rather than blinds because I love the clean look, the simple open and shut mechanism, and the durable material. But I’d previously had wooden ones in my Durban home, and wasn’t sure what to expect with these. Well, all I can say is I’m hooked! The Blockhouse aluminium shutters are incredible.

Here’s why:

They’re beautiful

Yup, I’m just going to say it: in my house, function follows form. The number ONE reason I went with this brand is because of how pretty these shutters are.

They double up as security

Lucky for me, these shutters have a lot more going for them than just looks. Unlike blinds or shades – or even less tough shutters – the Blockhouse ones are durable too. That means that my solution for managing light in my house now serves as my security measure too. These shutters are also accepted as a security barrier by most insurance companies – make sure to check with yours. They sure beat ugly burglar bars.

They’re weatherproof

These shutters have transformed my once-outdoor patio as well. It’s so hard choosing furniture for an area that’s vulnerable to bad weather, and you also lose that space for entertaining when the rain and wind comes. My husband, Stafford and I spent ages trying to figure out whether we really needed to enclose our outdoor area with shutters, and now that we’ve done it, we can’t imagine not having them! Our furniture is completely protected, and now we gain that space back when the weather turns. The Blockhouse shutters have a ten-year guarantee on them too, so that durability isn’t just all talk.

They’re easy to clean

Like, ridiculously easy. A wipe and some soapy water (at the most) is all it takes to keep these shutters sparkling. As an added bonus, these shutters have been covered in an environmentally-friendly powder coating.

Customer service is impeccable

When it comes to being on the ball, these guys are the real deal. From quote to installation, very little time passed, and on installation day, my shutters were up within a few hours. Blockhouse only use registered resellers with well-trained installation teams and in my case, the staff from one of their JHB resellers, Magnador, were quiet, capable, tidied up after themselves, and generally professional from start to finish.

It’s a (pretty much) local company

Blockhouse Shutters is a Cape Town-based company, and their products are manufactured locally. Most of their raw materials are locally sourced too. That’s no easy feat for such a sophisticated product! Would you use shutters like these in your home?

December 03, 2018 — Lisa Raleigh
Tags: Lifestyle