If you haven’t heard about the benefits of rebounding and why I honestly think it’s a miracle exercise, read on to find out more!

Whether you’re a little bored of your usual gym routine or looking to ramp up your training, burn more calories and just have fun while you’re doing it, I promise – you’ll love rebounding. Since I discovered rebounding – also known as jumping on a mini trampoline, I haven’t stopped talking about it, to anyone and everyone who will listen!

The benefits of rebounding are endless

Not only did I lose my pregnancy weight fast, I also discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had, specifically in and around my core area, and now I feel stronger and healthier than ever (this is also thanks to rebounding’s powerful detox benefits).

In fact, there are so many benefits of rebounding, there’s a reason why NASA trained astronauts are put straight onto a 12-week rebounding programme after returning from space.

It's the ultimate exercise for everyone

Did you know that kids can jump on a mini trampoline from the minute they can walk? Rebounding is fun and safe for people of all ages, including anyone who can’t do other forms of exercise due to chronic pain or health conditions such as arthritis or obesity.

When I spoke to Jo-Ann Greenwood, the training lead for Bounce Inc. in South Africa recently, she mentioned that there’s no age limit or social boundaries when it comes to rebounding. And one of the biggest advantages is that people enjoy it so much, they don’t even realise they’re building up a sweat and burning calories. I can totally relate to what Jo-Ann said because I always feel energised and happy after a rebounding class, rather than depleted, tired or burnt out.

Here is why you should start rebounding

If you’re thinking of giving rebounding a try, make sure you have the right rebounder, (it needs to be top-quality), and look forward to some of the many benefits you’ll feel after just one session.

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Some of the main benefits I’ve experienced include;

It's effective and time efficient

NASA scientists discovered that jumping regularly on a mini trampoline (for just 10 minutes at a time), requires more effort than jogging or running but with no negative impact on the joints.

Only two minutes of intense rebounding can have the same effect as;

  • Running for 6 minutes
  • Swimming for 10 minutes
  • Walking for 22 minutes

It stimulates every cell and muscle in your body 

This includes all the major muscles as well as the eyes, ears, heart, major organs and the skin. This is because the body works twice as hard to defy gravity (as well as the forces of acceleration and deceleration) when bouncing on a mini trampoline, and this has an impact on every cell, muscle and organ in the body.

It boosts the lymphatic and immune system

As a new mom, I’ve been tired and busier than ever before. As a result, my immune system initially took a knock, and every time Bella got sick, I would pick it up too. However, rebounding has really made a difference and helped to strengthen my immune system.

The reason is that rebounding stimulates the millions of one-way valves in the lymphatic system, which acts as your body’s internal vacuum cleaner- so it clears out all the junk and toxins sitting in your body. And this happens with every single bounce, so you don’t need to spend hours jumping.

It’s also a one-way system, meaning that excess waste products are pushed through the body and excreted through sweat and urine, while promoting better blood circulation. This has also helped to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Bonus!

It's the best weight loss, toning tool 

When it comes to trying out new fitness equipment, I’m like a kid in a candy store- and love to experiment with different products. But I am yet to find an overall exercise tool that’s as efficient as a rebounder. It is a brilliant high intensity workout as the body goes from weighing nothing at the top of the bounce to weighing double at the bottom.

This sudden increase in weight forces the body to work hard and adjust, which boosts the metabolism and speeds up weight loss. You can also do a variety of different exercises on the rebounder, using your body weight and other equipment such as dumbbells.

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Want to see what I’m talking about? Here’s a quick video:

How to get started

Good news, I have everything you need to get going on your new and exciting fitness regime. It’s all just a click away.


August 09, 2019 — Lisa Raleigh
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