I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with French DIY home design store, Leroy Merlin once again to transform my boring outdoor balcony area, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result!

Although I miss the tropical climate (and plenty of rain) in Durban, I’m really enjoying the endless sunny days in Johannesburg, regardless of the season. The predictable climate means I can plan to spend more time outdoors and enjoy my new space with a book and cup of tea in hand.

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The space: The balcony between our bedrooms

To be honest, we’ve hardly used our outdoor balcony between our bedrooms, because it just has one hanging chair that was left there from the previous owner, and the space just isn’t practical for my family.

The hanging chair doesn’t provide much cover or shade and there hasn’t been enough space for everyone to sit together, so we have neglected the space entirely.

The plan:

Although the views from the balcony are beautiful, the balcony itself has fallen short and it just plain boring. The plan was to add some fun, quirky elements to make the balcony more homely and inviting with pops of colour.

The Leroy Merlin team and I came up with some savvy ways to update the space with a few key pieces. In fact, we realised that we didn’t need a lot to make a big impression.

We transformed the area by adding a beautiful, yet practical outdoor set - complete with a sleek two-seater couch and two one-seater chairs on either side, plus a durable coffee table that can withstand the weather. (I chose to go with a deep charcoal set rather than a lighter set, to conceal any dark marks or dirt).

NOTE: The couch fabric is also very resilient and ideal for the outdoors. We also added some pops of colour and interesting prints with cushions and I found a lovely outdoor rug to complement the patio set.

I then went on the hunt for a lush outdoor plant, (I can never have enough plants!), some interesting décor items for the coffee table and an oversized outdoor umbrella – which adds that final touch to the area – and provides some much-needed shade.


Total cost: R10,148

I finally have an outdoor space between our bedrooms that feels like a peaceful haven. Now I can retreat there whenever I want, for a little peace and quiet. The new configuration allows me to soak in the surrounding views and enjoy a cup of tea or a cocktail – depending on the time of day, of course!  

Also, my daughter Bella loves to spend time on the balcony too- whether it’s to do an art activity, play with her dolls or sit with her books.

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August 07, 2019 — Tammy Jacks
Tags: Lifestyle